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1.02+ Full Balance Change List
Forum » Kane's Wrath 1.02+ Patch » Kane's Wrath 1.02+ Patch & Map Packs Locked
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16th Feb 2014

Full change list for Patch 1.02+ Release 12 (16th October 2016)



- XP bug/inconsistencies fixed for various units.
- Fixed MoK Cyborg EMP bugs.
- Fixed R17 Tripod charged reserves bug.
- Phase Field timer no longer freezes when the Phased unit is EMP'd.
- Fixed Shadow glider/attack bugs.
- Shadow/Specter bombard beacon placement and cursor radius bug fixed. Specter bombarding no longer kills friendly beacons.
- Mechapede segment mixing bugs fixed. Mechapedes can now use rallypoints.
- Fixed disproportionate money gained from Hexapod killing a Mechapede segment.
- Fixed BH/MoK Fanatics dealing lower damage than vNod.
- Fixed Stormrider damage vs certain subfaction units (Pitbulls, APCs, MRTs, Wolverines, Bikes, Stealth Tanks, Gunwalkers, Seekers) to match that vs respective vanilla faction units. [25% damage decrease vs these subfaction units]
- Subfaction heavy infantry (T59/R17 Shocktroopers, Zoneraiders, BH Blackhands, Tibtroopers, ZOCOM/MoK Commando) no longer take full damage from Cloaking Field.
- Fixed bug exploit with Epic units being affected by Prodigy AoE Mind Control.
- Scrin/R17 MCVs can now be teleported by Mastermind/Prodigy.
- Ion Storms no longer prevent placing of buildings underneath. Units teleported via Mastermind to an Ion Storm are no longer killed.
- Subfactions' base defences can no longer be mind-controlled by MM/Prodigy.
- Snipers no longer attack vehicles and structures.
- Orca Sensor Pods attached to friendly vehicles are no longer removed by friendly drones.
- Fixed target priorities for Hammerheads, Seekers, Devastators, Fanatics.
- ZT/ZR jumpjet ability now uses Commando/Blinkpack style cursor. Jumpjetting ZT/ZR no longer crushable by T3 units. Scannerpacks ungarrisoned range bug fixed.
- Corrupters, Flame and Sonic weapons can now kill friendly husks via force-fire.
- ZOCOM Shatterer Overload Beam wave speed increased to match regular wave.
- Ravager Tiberium Agitation now also affects vScrin Devourers and Corrupters.
- Veteran Snipers can now spot for Juggernauts from within transports.
- Fixed slower harvesting rate for ZOCOM/ST Harvesters.
- Fixed health inconsistencies with ZOCOM/ST Ox transport.
- Fixed invincible controllable Ox transport exploit.
- Fixed reload sounds for Hardpoints upgraded GDI Orca/Firehawk and ZOrca.
- Fixed Tib Vein Detonation money deduction bug.
- Fixed bug with Redeemer getting stuck when attempting to garrison it with a lone Confessor or Disciple from an upgraded squad.
- MoK Avatar husks now correctly spawn MoK Avatars. MoK Bikes can now be commandeered by Avatars.
- ZOCOM Conyard now properly spawns ZOCOM Riflemen and Engineer when sold.
- Fixed ordering of upgrade buttons on ZOCOM and ST Command Posts to match vGDI.
- Heroic Tungsten Slingshots now have red shell tracers. Tungsten impact particles no longer appear at lowest graphic detail settings.
- Delays on several abilities reduced: Jumpjets, Rig/MCV packup, Flametank/Mantis preattack delay, Orca Sensor Pod deploy delay.
- Fixed Tib Spike collision box to prevent shoot-through bug.
- Slight tweaks to some unit movement behaviors for better response (smaller turn radii, slightly quicker acceleration/braking times).
- New visual effects for Railgun Accelerators, fixed Kane Edition 'Pink' Juggernaut texture bug.


MAP CHANGES/FIXES (available in Map Packs only)

- Fixed inconsistent build and passable terrain on Unsound Investment.
- Slightly re-positioned start fields and nearby props on Tournament Dustbowl for more fairness between the two player positions.
- Reworked Subways on Battle for Middle Egypt.



- Repair Drones can now repair allied units in team games.

=GDI Global=
- Stealth detection range for Sensor Pods attached to vehicles reduced 30%
- Sniper Team deals 2x damage to Black Hand Disciples (making them one shot them)

=Steel Talons=
- MRT now has targeting cursor, infantry evacuation button and more responsive repair drone. Movement speed normalized with that of APC. Repair radius increased as per notes
- Titan deals 50% extra damage vs Mechapedes
- Railgun Accelerators cooldown reduced 210s to 60s. No longer affects enemies
- EMP Grenades upgrade available at Command Center (requires Tech Center), cost/upgrade time $1000/45 seconds

=Nod Global=
- Shadow Team Strike support power now spawns Shadows with a 5 sec delay
- Reckoner speed reduced 120 to 105, GUN armour vulnerability reduced 55% to 40%
- Tiberium Vein damage per second reduced 100 to 60, cost reduced $4000 to $3500
- Catalyst Missile leaves GDI/Nod harvesters heavily damaged (cannot one shot kill from full health)

=Black Hand=
- Confessor pre-upgrade gun range reduced 325 to 300 (matches Charged Particle upgrade range)
- Drafted Confessor squads have 4 members (previously 6)
- Fixed Confessors not detecting stealth, fixed Confessor XP

- Awakened squad/member ranges tweaked for better consistency. Overall attack range increased 20%.

=Scrin Global=
- Seeker GRENADE armour vulnerability reduced 50% to 40%
- Gunwalker/Shardwalkers deal 3x bonus vs Cultists

- Disintegrator GUN armor vulnerability increased 75% to 85%
- Prodigy health reduced 20%

- Mutant Marauders range increased 20%, attack damage increased 10%. Cannon armor resistance doubled (normalised with other infantry). Now stealthed while moving in Tiberium.
- Mutant Hovels health increased 50%, repair rate increased 4x. Mutant spawn/exit time removed.
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Forum » Kane's Wrath 1.02+ Patch » Kane's Wrath 1.02+ Patch & Map Packs Locked
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