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Important Question About Reserves
Forum » Kane's Wrath Tournaments » Kane's Wrath World Championships 2014
Joined: 9th Mar 2014
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29th Mar 2014

So sorry first off if this is in the wrong area but I figured it would be seen easiest here and I need a response before I go to bed tonight if possible.

I watched all of GZ's Final Word video w/ the brackets and info TWICE. Not once was this stated anywhere so I'll ask it here:

As a reserve, where should I be?

I'd assume that I should first be in Tournaments 1 until that bracket starts, then go to Tournaments 2 until that one starts as well. Is this correct or should I be in Tournaments 3/awaiting a message from a Ref?

Also if a player leaves/disconnects after the start of the tournament, would a reserve replace that player? (Otherwise a pool of 8 may become 7 and players get fewer games)

Basically what should I be doing as a reserve player?


On a second note: I would have thought that registering as soon as I could (within the first 12 hours I think) would secure me a spot in the tournament. Clearly it did not so, in future events perhaps you could make it more clear in the announcements that Early Registration does not mean a spot.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still thrilled to have a chance to play but I do wish that I was guaranteed a spot :l Just a suggestion ^

Hoping I get a chance to prove my worth,

Happy Gaming

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Joined: 12th Feb 2014
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29th Mar 2014

Ha, 3rd to sign up 7th reserve!

But i'm assuming being in t1 at 17:00 and making sure a ref knows your there and then moving to t2 at 18:00 makes the most sense.
Joined: 7th Dec 2013
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29th Mar 2014

The update video clearly describes the role of the reserves as well as the article, these updates contain everything you need to know. I'm not sure how you could have possibly missed it.

Anyway, reserve players must attend the tournament to take the positions of missing players so please be there 15 minutes before the tournament starts at 17:00GMT. Alternatively, if you still miss out you can wait until the next group stages to see if you can gain a spot their also.

Additionally, the announcement article made it perfectly clear on the random seeding and everyone stated that they have agreed to the rules and regulations. These was placed in order to prevent conflict such as this, although it appears that few actually read this so you only have yourselves to blame.

Please read the articles and listen to the video more carefully in future, thank you.
Joined: 4th Mar 2014
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30th Mar 2014

maybe next time if there is a tournament if there are reserves left they should have a little mini tournament just for fun with no prize like the actual one

Da Zombie Slaya

Joined: 9th Mar 2014
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30th Mar 2014

@ GZ, If I did miss that in the video it is my apology, I only heard the:

"Group one in T1 @ 15mins or reserve takes place"
"Group two in T2 @ 15mins or reserve takes place"

Followed by the announcement of the brackets.

If I did miss the announcement for reserves on the video that's my fault and I apologize fully for wasting your time.

As for the original newspost I was aware that "The remaining players will be randomly seeded in after the pros' get placed. However I *Thought* (my mistake there) that this meant the remaining players who signed up within the first 64 players would get randomly shuffled into groups; and that anyone who signed up late would be a reserve. This was my own misunderstanding. It had nothing to do with not reading the article, but everything to do with misunderstanding it.

Either way TY for your reply and GL in the first round (: Cya there.

Happy Gaming

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Forum » Kane's Wrath Tournaments » Kane's Wrath World Championships 2014
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