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Map pool?
Forum » Kane's Wrath Tournaments » Kane's Wrath World Championships 2014
Joined: 10th Feb 2014
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25th Mar 2014

What is the map pool for this tournament?
Joined: 9th Feb 2014
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25th Mar 2014

In the announcement they wrote "Map pools will be released closer to the tournament dates".

But I think thain main pool will be from the new 1v1 ranked 1.02+ mappack.

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Last Edit: 25th Mar 2014 by WarStorm666
Joined: 9th Feb 2014
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25th Mar 2014

i think its time 2 announce the map pools. i hope gz will do a vod 2 remember all his followers 2 watch the tourny livestreams. it would be awesome when kwo can manage a monthly tourny and we as fans can help them with maybe donates. but i think he feels unpleasant 2 ask for it. in my opinion its the last chance 2 keep kw alive. so lets donate
Joined: 27th Jan 2014
Rank: Expert
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25th Mar 2014

Just wait you will hear soon
Joined: 9th Feb 2014
Rank: Map Developer
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10th Apr 2014

Volcano Struggle has been discarded for the finals map pool because it has bugs or glitches. I'm not aware of those glitches. Please, post any map problems (from Volcano Struggle or any other of my maps) here, or preferably in this topic. Thanks!
Last Edit: 10th Apr 2014 by Predatore
Forum » Kane's Wrath Tournaments » Kane's Wrath World Championships 2014
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