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Forum » Kane's Wrath Tournaments » Kane's Wrath World Championships 2014
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10th Apr 2014

Good morning all,

It seems that a lot of the livestream audience is flipping back and forth between streams for this tournament, and I thought I'd give you all a nice way of doing this very easily while ensuring that you don't miss any action. is a website that allows you to compile a number of livestreams onto one screen. From here you simply add the livestream name(s) to the end of the url, and BAM. You can see all of the action without missing a beat. You can also flip back and forth between chat channels as well, so no worries about missing out on the discussion. Thought this may be a nice alternative for those with single monitor setups. ... ERT/SPARTYLIVE

^ this link contains both of the live casts that will take place this coming Sunday for the Top 8 Finals series.

Hopefully that helps some who have been missing some of the action, but regardless...we'll see you all on Sunday!

Last Edit: 10th Apr 2014 by Spartacus
Forum » Kane's Wrath Tournaments » Kane's Wrath World Championships 2014
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