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Anyone want to play (i'm mediocre)
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Joined: 28th Mar 2014
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28th Mar 2014

I don't watch pro vids or study any type of strats.  Just always loved CnC

Steam profile - ... /id/_brand0n
Steam group - ... /groups/CnC-3 
Joined: 27th Jan 2014
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28th Mar 2014

steam group Sorry!
An error was encountered while processing your request:

No group could be retrieved for the given URL.
and hello welcome to the site the best times to get games is around 12:00 GMT TO 17:00 GMT and i am sure if u just go online and host a game you will get people
Joined: 28th Mar 2014
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28th Mar 2014

hit enter in brwoser bar after that and it'll load
Joined: 12th Feb 2014
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29th Mar 2014

If you are not aware an unofficial patch has been produced that fixes almost all the bugs that 1.02 has as well as adding some really cool maps to the ranked and unranked pool. Credit CGF for the patch work and predatore for the maps theyve done a lot for kw. Not all of the people play on 1.02+ but luckily you can download the map packs which act as the patch while still running 1.02.

you can get the maps 
here: http://www.kaneswrathonli ...
here: http://www.gamereplays.or ... x.php?showforum=4015 

There are plenty of low level people who play,with fewer mids, and plenty of higher up/elite players.
So if you wish to better yourself feel free to ask questions, watch vods from the many commentators or download some replays and watch first person.

We hold seemingly monthly tournaments in both cnc3 and Kw. In fact there is a big one starting in less than a day. Tournaments are fun to play even if you arnt the best (im certainly not) but they provide a lot of action and some of them even offer a cash prize to a random player. We also usually have at least one live streamer so that you can watch the best of the best duke it out if thats more of your style.

Anyways always glad to see a new face
Joined: 9th Feb 2014
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29th Mar 2014

Hey mate, if you ever see me online pm me or join my lobby and i will give you a game

Kill or Be Killed >

Joined: 9th Feb 2014
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10th Apr 2014

I will play I won about 46% of my games and I played about 500 games so my online name is Agr3ss1vePanda

Caproni Campini N.1
The Caproni Campini N.1, also known as the C.C.2, was an experimental aircraft built by the Italian aircraft manufacturer Caproni. The N.1 was powered by a motorjet, a type of jet engine that powers the compressor using a conventional aircraft engine. The N.1 first flew in 1940, and as news of the Heinkel He 178's flight in 1939 had not yet been made public, the FAI listed the N.1 as the first successful jet-powered aircraft. The N.1 was the only model

Joined: 9th Feb 2014
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21st Apr 2014

I go to KW online sometimes, so we can play if you want, at least till GameSpy is on. I'm a mid player aswell, so I think we can get some good games
My online nickname is tUb26.
Last Edit: 21st Apr 2014 by tUb26
Forum » Kane's Wrath General Discussion » General Discussion
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