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donations list thank you so much
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Joined: 27th Jan 2014
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5th Mar 2014

hey thank you to everyone there were many more people who donated 

but i forgot they names/ paypal wont show a lot of payments sent after 2 pages
so a big big thank you to eveyone whos not listed on this and listed on this for the donations to make this happen plus its never to late to donate if you havet and would like to but don't know how
make paypal account add a card boom click the image on the top left of the side under tournament Donations and thats how or if that does not work
my papl is   anyway yet again thank you everyone 

Philipp thank you philip the donation really helps

Machsy  machsy cheers for the donation

David  thank you david the donation is going to help us

Axesoir thanks axesoir for you'r donation 

Harrison big thank you harrison was so nice of you to donate >3 

karamjeet thank you yet again karmjeet big ups >3 and going to help us

Strömberg that donation you made was really nice bro thank you >3

Michael thank you so much for your donation >3 michael  was  nice of you

Maarten  thank you again for your donation 

Andrey  thank you  was nice of you to donation to us big thank you

Sindre thank you sindre the donation will be used for the good side heh

Aaron thank you Aaron for the donation >3

Cutye thank you for the donation bro means a lot

geogin thnak you geogin for your donation 

Maarten te Molder thank you bro  

peakman thank you for the big big donation that will help so much thank you yet again

and a big thank you to  banana banana big donation that will really help and thank you for keeping my channel clean  

sorry if i forgot anyone else buy my paypal wont go back after all this names
Last Edit: 5th Mar 2014 by bikerushownz
Joined: 9th Feb 2014
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5th Mar 2014

LOL everytime he calls me peakman. think he wanna troll me
and if u and greenzero manage it 2 organize more tournys i will try 2 help u with donations from time 2 time...
Forum » Kane's Wrath General Discussion » General Discussion
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