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Everyone should contact EA about the C&C servers
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Joined: 9th Feb 2014
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9th May 2014

Im definitely going to email them asking them to migrate the C&C servers to more stable ones and i think everyone here should to. In reality theres very little chance to actually get them to do it but everyone asking them cant hurt and i think if we show them theres still at least some people who care maybe it will get us somewhere ive already written a 4 paragraph email asking them to move the servers and if theyre saving games like battlefield 2142 they might save C&C if we all asked.

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Joined: 9th Feb 2014
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9th May 2014

Yea and after writing an email i find out theres absolutely no way to email EA the only way to get ahold of them is to call them or chat with an advisor so that sucks but i wont let that stop me lol im calling them and complaining everyday untill the shutdown is complete i just chatted with an advisor an asked her to tell someone that were begging they dont shut down our servers

Live To Play -- Play To Win -- As Much As Possible -- As Hardcore As Possible

Joined: 30th Mar 2014
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9th May 2014

EA's customer service (particularly the adviser system) sucks.

When I spoke to an adviser about the server error the other week they demanded to know a million questions about my game: when I bought it, where I bought it, if I had the receipt, address, etc etc
This was all because my game apparently didn't show up as registered (from 2008!) yet somehow I can play online.

Truly, they are terrible, accusing their customers of piracy and forcing them to photograph their game and upload the photos to them.

Good luck if you can get through to them. However, I do not envy you.

Joined: 9th Feb 2014
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9th May 2014

If only EA does this:

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Joined: 10th Feb 2014
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9th May 2014

I already did, but what's the point right? Like Stayer231 said and I quote "Its EA case closed"

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Joined: 11th Feb 2014
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10th May 2014

isnt it better for the community being positive to encourage than giving up, doing something is better than nothing ,at least its a chance          and its not me thats emailing
Joined: 9th Feb 2014
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12th May 2014

man gameranger sucks seriosuly(mainly cuz if ur friends wana join a game,everyone you are playing with has to restart the game),i hope there are other alternatives.
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