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KANE's WRATH OFFLINE - How to get it back online.
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16th Jul 2014

I have written a short guide at the bottom please read.

Guide to get online - From Sybert ... Guw7BZ6_SzDmsEG40uGQ

From bikerush - like the page and show support 

From toxicshock
You guys should all go over to and start signing up.   We are going to go live real soon.   If you want to use you old nick names (so you have your existing statistics) you need to make a post here Member Management so we can add you.     It would be nice to get as many players as we can back on with their existing stats and badges right at the start.

Other links - Main Site - Another Main Site - Good info and news about latest CnCKW ... to-community-effort/ - Made some gaming news!

If any members know of other useful links then add them in comments and ill update this post.

(Make a sticky?)


Command and Conquer Kanes Wrath -- The Ultimate Collection (Origins)

I am writing this guide for all to see. I am on Windows 7 64bit.

I will start off fresh from the beginning with current links and any useful pages to read.

We will assume you have installed TW/KW.

The next step is to download the Ultimate Collection Launcher fix. This can be found here : ... s/cnc-3-kanes-wrath/

After that, download the 1.02+ Map Packs from here :

http://www.kaneswrathonli ... w-patch-102-here-9g9

You only need the latest version, so RELEASE 9 is the latest at the moment.

There are 3 map packs to download.

Do not have the game open. Do not start the game. Just run the downloads one after the other.

Once that is done, create an account on Revora. Visit this link :

Sign in to that website.
Your username, will also be your new EA ACCOUNT NAME, in KW.
When you are completing your registration, the website will ask you for two passwords. Make sure you remember them both.
The first password is for your website login.
The second password is for your KW login! (The password will not have ****** when you type. It will type in plain text)

When you have verified and signed in successfully, well done. You are nearly there.

After all the above, download the Revora Client from the following link :

There is a big button that says "Download"

Install the client.

A shortcut will be made on the desktop. Delete this shortcut.

Go to >Start>All Programs>CNCOnline

Then Right Click on CNCOnline. Open properties. Look in Compatibility Tab and TICK Run as Administrator.
Then Right Click>Send To>Desktop Shortcut

Open CNCOnline Shortcut

Revora Client will come up. Click on UPDATE. Revora will update your client.
Once complete, you can then click on Kanes Wrath and it will load up!

EA Account Name = Forum Name
Password = 2nd Password you created when signing up to forums
Ingame Name = Any name you want that isnt taken.

Sometimes, if there is work going on the server, then you will get a message saying
"Could not connect to the backend server"

Always check the Revora forums and also their Facebook page.
If you can support Revora, then please do so. ... cnconline.revora


You need to make a new post in the correct Revora forum section.
Read the following first : ... your-old-nick-names/
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Forum » Kane's Wrath General Discussion » General Discussion
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