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"System Error"
Forum » Kane's Wrath General Discussion » General Discussion
Joined: 9th Feb 2014
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25th Mar 2014

Yeh so basically I can't logon to KW, just get a message saying " A system error has occured, try again later. If the problem persists, please contact customer support"

Anyone else know how to deal with this?


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Joined: 23rd Feb 2014
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25th Mar 2014

I got the exact same message. Guess it will work itself out.

There’s a glitch inside my system
Rushing through my whole existence
Got me twisted, can’t resist this
Something’s flipping all my switches
Take ’em, break ’em, make ’em feel it
Mix it up and mass appeal it
Pressure is riding me hard
Killer dose right through my heart
And there’s no Antidote`

Forum » Kane's Wrath General Discussion » General Discussion
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