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XPS9 has returned!!!! is back and is streaming!!!!
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3rd Apr 2014

HiDrauLicK Vs Death-Sentence: ... 3k came up in my subscriptions list a min ago thx for coming back xps9

Caproni Campini N.1
The Caproni Campini N.1, also known as the C.C.2, was an experimental aircraft built by the Italian aircraft manufacturer Caproni. The N.1 was powered by a motorjet, a type of jet engine that powers the compressor using a conventional aircraft engine. The N.1 first flew in 1940, and as news of the Heinkel He 178's flight in 1939 had not yet been made public, the FAI listed the N.1 as the first successful jet-powered aircraft. The N.1 was the only model

Forum » Kane's Wrath General Discussion » General Discussion
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