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Ladder Wars
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Joined: 9th Feb 2014
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16th Feb 2014

Since GR admins dont seem to care what the community wants (yes, lets play 1.02 in tournaments for no reason) I wonder if it would be possible to host future "Ladder Wars" tournaments by this website.

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Joined: 7th Dec 2013
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16th Feb 2014

After the completion of the large cash prize tournament we are hoping to develop our own monthly tournament series. Although I'm not giving away any details just yet, you will have to wait and find out!
Joined: 10th Feb 2014
Rank: Lead Referee
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16th Feb 2014

I am waiting.

Average winter temps out in Alberta, Canada is -26C with wind chillz of -38C THAT'S COLD

Joined: 16th Feb 2014
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2nd Mar 2014

"wait and find out" FML might as well jump off a cliff

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Forum » Kane's Wrath Tournaments » Kane's Wrath Tournaments
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