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Community Tournament Consultation
Green_ZERO 10th Feb 2014
Welcome everyone once again to Kane's Wrath Online, our community led website dedicated to supporting Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath. With our official launch complete, now is the time to commence the final stages of our large cash prize tournament organisation (very soon to be announced) and we require your feedback.

Firstly, you may have noticed our tournament starting time poll listed on our main page, please vote on your most preferred time as this will be extremely helpful come announcement time. Organisers would like to host the event during the best time for the majority of the community. Also, the inclusion of any specific rules players would like to see featured within the tournament can be noted in our discussion topic and we will take these into account. Currently, there are no plans for any game play type rules which restrict play as we feel that this would deter players form joining the tournament. However, all known exploits will be banned and will also result in instant disqualification.

The primary reason for this consultation among the community is the currently unavoidable EMP glitching which can result in the undefeatable Hexapod scenario (teleporting an EMP affected unit is an exploit). While organisers do not wish to impose game play restrictions, we also are not interested in providing a large cash prize to whoever can glitch the hardest with Hexapod lame. Therefore, we require community feedback as to whether or not to banned the teleportation of an epic unit using an ungarrisoned Mastermind/Prodigy (teleportation using a garrsion will not be a problem). Implementing this rule would prevent EMP, Phase and Stasis glitching in one swift move, although this may impact Scrin factions within the tournament. Please post your comment within the related discussion forum regarding this important topic or if you have an alternative solution then please share this also. Currently, community modder cgf123 has been unable to successfully patch this without forcing a game crash and this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

All idea's and suggestions are welcome and we appreciate your feedback!

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