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Green_ZERO 16th Feb 2014
Our brand new Command & Conquer community website has proven to be an amazing success with a staggering 20,000 hits in less than one week. Follow our development cycle as we introduce the names behind the creation of this community based website!

BikeRush - Previously considered to be an unpopular players who has experienced a questionable past, BikeRush now enjoys relatively widespread fame for his ability to snatch victory out of some of the most outrageously impossible situations. After joining up with several well known commentators, BikeRush discovered that his new found popularity presented him with the opportunity to raise donations for a large tournament. Requiring a suitable staging point for the tournament to be hosted from, BikeRush quickly realised the need for a community based website and originally came up with the idea behind what everyone can see here today. 

Green_ZERO - After being betrayed by, Green_ZERO continued on with his successful Youtube channel and remained dedicated to bringing all of the action to the community. Over time Green_ZERO slowly began collaborating with BikeRush (once a well known nemesis) to strengthen the ties between the most recognisable names in the game. With the ability to develop BikeRush's initial idea of a website, Green_ZERO quickly established the necessary means to make this idea a reality. Responsible for the development and organisation of what we have today, there appears no stopping Kane's Wrath Online.  

cgf123 - Indirectly responsible for generating the need for a new community based website, cgf123 revived the Kane's Wrath community and pulled in both new and old players to the scene. The increased number in the player base was not appropriately being supported by current sites, many of whom were only interested in their own agenda. Kane's Wrath Online was born out of the need of "For the Community, by the Community", with cgf123 helping to establish this focus.

Sybert & Cabal - Well known Command & Conquer commentator Sybert and respected Referee Cabal both threw their support behind the community based website. With the steady incorporation of a highly trusted level of staff, expect to see more input from these two respected community members. With the upcoming large cash prize tournament, the importance of tournament officials will become a permanent requirement and we hope to find further names to add to the list at a later date.

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