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1.02+ Version 8 Released + Tournament News
Green_ZERO 23rd Feb 2014
The Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath community has been sent into a frenzy over the release of the 1.02+ version 8 patch which includes a massive amount of new maps by none other than the great Predatore. Today we will cover the review of those news maps included in the patch as well as showcasing our tournament donations drive to help make this the biggest even since ladder season 3!

February 23rd 2014 marked the eighth version of the 1.02+ to reach our community all thanks to our patch modder ]cgf123. Naturally, going hand in hand with this development is the great Predatore who has almost doubled the amount of new maps since the last installation of the patch. Commanders are encouraged to participate on the new maps as a majority of them will feature in our upcoming large cash prize tournament, so get in quick and learn the layouts. The full patch change list can be found on our forums, however the latest version has added the following changes:

- Fixed bug with BH/MoK Fanatics dealing lower damage than vNod ones. 
- Adjusted Tib Spike collision box to prevent 'shoot-through' bug. (applies on Maps only) 
- Fixed visual glitch with BH Flametanks not showing flame effect when used by other factions. 
- Fixed visual glitch with AP ZOCOM Hammerheads showing hero tracers. 
- Fixed visual glitch with Ox transports not showing Pitbulls (1.02+ specific issue/not in 1.02). 
- Fixed GDI Harv attack range being longer than normal (1.02+ specific issue/not in 1.02). 

- Very slight further reduction to Shadow Team attack range. 
- Very slight further reduction to Sensor Pod stealth detect range when attached to vehicles. 

New Maps!

Mountain Pass: A stunning mountainous valley which features multiple entry and access points to strategic areas will make for some highly tactical engagements while the centre of the map opens up for large armoured battles. This forest type blue zone will no doubt favour sneaky hit'n'run tactics combined with air and artillery strategies for maximum effect. 

Smashed Dustbowl: Tournament Dustbowl is the next of our official maps to be 'smashed' into a far more decrepit landscape. While still maintaining it status as a yellow zone, the removal of a majority of the structures as well as a centre blue field will make for some interesting engagements and is sure to showcase some new strategies. Newly balanced spikes has also been welcomed by the community making them less of a risk.

Smashed Town USA: 'Smashed' again, its Small Town USA being demoted from a blue zone to a yellow zone which has surprisingly seen an increased in it overall popularity. The main city area has been completely leveled with only a few borderline structures remaining, an ungrown blue field now sits within striking distance of both players which is sure to be contested. 

Tournament Airstrip: Originally Tournament Outback, then Tournament Savannah, the now Tournament Airstrip has been thoroughly redesigned in its development cycle. While actually being featured as version 7 map, we have yet to add a proper showcase for this yellow zone. Dominated by an abandoned airstrip, players fight over the generally flat landscape littered with spikes and Tiberium alike for some intense armour and artillery combat. 

Tournament Towerless: This map came as a total shock to the community as Predatore managed to keep it a secret until release. This new take on the original Tournament Tower now sees the blue zone descend into a trashed redzone with no tower in sight, hence the name. With more attack paths and a somewhat cleaner finished, only time will tell if this map can earn its position within the community.

Twilight City: Once again a version 7 map without a showcase, Twilight City holds its own as one of the most popular blue zone customer maps released yet. With its expansive battlegrounds combined with multiple expansion and no set direction, this map features some intense combat regardless of faction or play style.

Volcano Struggle: Amazing is just one of many words used to describe this unreal yellow zone. Featuring a massive volcano which emanates blue Tiberium, this map is sure to catch the eye of all players. With multiple well crafted attacks paths and rarely used bridges, expect to see more of this map in the coming weeks. 

Check out all of the action in our new showcase video by Green_ZERO, don't forget to donate to our cause also. More donations equals more prizes for the tournament as well as helping with the maintenance of the website itself. For more information on our tournament, please watch the video above!

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