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CNC3KW World Championships Announcement (1/2)
Green_ZERO 3rd Mar 2014
Welcome everyone to the Command & Conquer 3 Kane’s Wrath World Championship Tournament hosted by Kane’s Wrath Online! The single largest tournament to feature in the Command & Conquer franchise since the massive ladder season three hosted back in 2009! Prepare yourself commander for an insane month long death match as the greatest names in the game battle it out for supreme dominance! Featuring more than $1000 worth of cash prizes triggered by the massive resurgence in the game all thanks to the 1.02+ community patch as well as brand new ranked 1v1 tournament style maps!

Tournament Timeline:
The dates set out for the tournament are locked and cannot be changed, in an effort to appease a majority of the community we have announced the most preferable times as decided by community members. Also, our announcement will allow four weeks preparation for players to train and adjust to the 1.02+ should they have been absent since its release. This large time frame should also assist players in clearing their advance schedule to avoid not being able to make it to the tournament because of other commitments.

Week One 64 Player Group Stages

Sunday March 30th  2014 18:00GMT


Week Two 24 Player Group Stages

Sunday April 6th  2014 18:00GMT


Week Three 8 Player Finals Series

Sunday April 13th  2014 18:00GMT

(Maps pools will be released closer to the tournament dates)


Our website will feature a countdown timer to assist people with time zone conversion, we highly recommend that you also convert the time yourself using an online time zone converter. Further information will become available closer to the opening rounds.

Tournament Layout:
The World Championship Tournament will be held over a three week period with an option for a fourth should the grand finalists choose to postpone after the initial finals series. Each week players will battle it out to secure for their positions for the following week, the threat of elimination is extremely high with only a small amount of players progressing.
Week One: The first week will feature a massive 64 player bracket with a staggering 8 groups each featuring 8 players in a league format. Every player will face each opponent within their group in best of three engagements with the top three players from each group progressing to week two. Every player is guaranteed between 14-21 games during the 64 player bracket as each player will face seven opponents.
Week Two: Our second week will feature a 24 player brackets group stages which once again features a league style format. Four groups of six will emerge with the top two players from each group securing their spots in the World Championships final series. Best of three matches are held within this group stage therefore each player will face the other five opponents for a maximum of 10-15 games per player.
Week Three: The World Championships top 8 final series will be played as a classic elimination bracket, although the top four players will be gifted a double elimination opportunity for their performance. Qualifying and semi-finals are best of five while the preliminary final will feature a best of seven, the grand final and third place playoff will both be held as best of nine. Grand finalists may choose to postpone the grand final until a later date if they agree on the situation (also applies to third place playoff).
Week Four: Only applicable if required, this will either feature a delayed grand final or third place playoff.

Prizes & Rewards:
Tournament officials have managed to raise a staggering $1000 worth of prizes for the World Championship Tournament will a special thanks to the community members who have donated towards the event. Large cash prizes will be awarded to first, second and third respectively with additional random prizes being handed out during the group stages.

1st  Place Tournament Champion = $700 

2nd  Place Tournament Runner Up = $150 

3rd  Place Winner = $50 

Random Prizes = 4x $25

Winnings will be distributed via PayPal within 48 hours of the completion of the tournament, all amounts are in US dollar. Random prizes will be split with two being given to players eliminated within the first week, while the remaining two being delegated to players eliminated within the week two group stage.

Tournament Rules:
Failure to comply with any tournament rules will result in an instant disqualification from the tournament as well as the forfeit of any cash prizes, especially random prizes. Under no circumstance will we tolerate any poor behaviour or sportsmanship, not following the rules, disobeying a referee or tournament official will see you removed from the tournament. The reasoning behind this stance is that the cash prizes and the stakes are simply too high to have players not appropriately contributing to the tournament in the way they should.


Factions: All factions are playable including random, all strategies and tactics are available including camping, one clicking and all in rushing with MCV sells. Please note that a majority of the maps will be newly ranked 1v1 maps with very few official ranked maps, this will be result in more exciting, strategical and tactical games.
Being Late: Failure to be present in the designated lobby will result in you position being replaced by a reserve player, no exceptions. Being online while not being present in the delegated lobby is classed as lateness and you will be replaced.
Exploits, Disconnections & Desyncs: All known exploits are banned and will result in an instant disqualification from the tournament in its entirety. You will forfeit all prizes and all previous games will become void in terms of points won as well as points other player have won from you (effectively turning your group stage in a group of seven). Known exploits will include (but not limited too):
Engineer silo exploit
Invincible V35 exploit
Beam venom exploit
Teleporting a unit under the effects of EMP, phase, stasis
Instant commando unit training
Players are not to replay games under any circumstances, you will only face an opponent a maximum number of three times in terms of games played. Replays are not required by officials except when a game is thrown into dispute due to exploits, these games must be saved an uploaded to the appropriate forum and will only be viewed after the tournament. Players are encouraged to play out these games even if the opposing player has used an exploit as if the use was determined as accidental or constitutes no advantage to the player then the game may still be counted. Unless an instant disqualification is issued, they player will continue their games while never replaying any games.


Disconnections and desynchronisations will also be treated as the same as above, all replays are to be uploaded to the appropriate forum and a result will be decided after the tournament. Players must play out the best of three with the option for a draw (1 win, 1 loss, 1 undecided), players who feature in a high number of these games will be disqualified.

Special Rules:
Strike Single Faction Rule: This rule applies for the entirety of the tournament and all players may use this once per opponent. This rule allows a player to prevent their opponent from selecting a specific faction (including random), however this can only be used if the player has already lost one game against their opponent. Example, Player A (GDI) defeats Player B (R-17) in game one, hence Player B can now use the strike rule to prevent Player A from using GDI (but not ZOCOM or ST), again only once per opponent. Please note that this rule only remains in effect for one game, hence if Player B defeats Player A in game two, then player A can return to using GDI in game three while also opting to use the strike rule back on Player B.
Strike Primary Faction Rule: Please note that this rule only applies to the top 8 finals series and can only be used once per opponent. This rule is identical to the strike single faction rule with the exception that it applies to a main faction as well as its sub factions. Example, striking GDI will prevent a player from using GDI, ST and ZOCOM for one game. Once again can only be used once per player, can only be used if you have lost a game and only lasts one game.


Continue reading to part two!

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