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CNC3KW World Championships Announcement (2/2)
Green_ZERO 3rd Mar 2014
Tournament Organisation:
The World Championship Tournament organisation will be handled by Kane’s Wrath Online staff members. Please note that there may still be opportunities for other community members to become tournament officials should interest arise.
Officials: BikeRush, Green_ZERO, EvanStar7
Referees: EvenStar7 (Cabal), cgf123
Streamers: Bonu$_[Ru], BikeRush, Sybert & more
Commentators: Green_ZERO, Sybert, CNCZONE, masterleaf5, IISpartacus & many more!

Registration & Sign Up:
Registrations will open on Sunday the 9th of March 2014 for all players who wish to participate, there is no entry fee as this tournament will be completely free to play. Please do not sign up unless you are 100% sure that you will be able to participate in the tournament, we have allowed four weeks for players to clear their schedules as previously mentioned. Registrations will be accepted within the appropriate forum which will become available next week. Players must sign up under their most well-known (most active) alias, players attempting to sign up under a smurf or alternate account will be banned from entering the tournament. Please note that even purchasing a new CD key cannot hide your identity as players are determined by locational information.


Ranking will be decided upon by a trusted and well known panel of community members in an effort to appropriately assign professional players to individual groups. Player deemed within the top 16 will be split and randomly distributed within the 8 initial groups (2 per group), the remaining players will then be randomly filled in afterwards.

Discuss the tournament here!

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