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KWWC 24 Player Group Stage Results
Green_ZERO 6th Apr 2014
The Kane’s Wrath World Championships 2014 second round stage commenced earlier today with the top 24 players progressing into the remaining four groups. Another massive turnout ensured with some intense showdowns from some of the best players within the community. Our viewer count was once again smashed with 8 official stream added to the tournament schedule with several more casters joining after the first rounds. Kane’s Wrath Online proudly presents all of the action from the second week of the World Championships with our full listing of results available here!


Video Recap:
Command & Conquer commentator Green_ZERO has provided us with an official World Championships video review so that you can catch up on all of the action featured within our second week of combat! Our trusted team of commentators will also be releasing further video and game casts later this week along with saved live streams for playback so stay tuned commanders!
Congratulations to all of the participating players today for their superb effort both online and in in combat, tournament officials regard this as a major success. Please read the below information before viewing the results as this will explain how the scoring is calculated.
Players who did not attend the second round of the tournament were disqualified with no replacements in order to maintain and equal level of fairness. Initially, our line-up of 24 players featured only two disqualifications primarily due to technical issues. With predetermined seeding into 4 groups of 6 our players fought it out for supremacy with only two qualification positions available per group, this made for some desperate and intense matches. Players who finished top of their group during the round of 64 were rewarded with a seeding advantage meaning that players ranked below them must defeat them in total points, they cannot draw level on points. However, officials were pleased that the results were decided on points alone, making for a comfortably balanced tournament.

Results Legend

R = Ranking: The position in which the player has qualified or finished, players with a Q next to their name have successfully made it to the second week of engagements! Players with a DQ in this rank were disqualified either through lateness, abandonment or technical issues.

W = Wins: The number of opponents a player has defeated in a best of series regardless of games played, maximum points for a 2:0 victory.

L = Losses: The number of opponents a player has been defeated by regardless of games played, no points are awarded for a 0:2 smashing!

GP = Games Played: The amount of games a player has played in, please note that some players may feature in more games than others if they take a series to the maximum number of games which is three.

GW = Games Won: The amount of games a player has been victorious in.

GL = Games Lost: The amount of games a player has been defeated in.

D = Disputed Games: The amount of games that have been held in dispute by a player, these games are usually assigned as a draw as no outcome can be reached. The reasons behind this can vary depending on the situation.

P = Points: The amount of points a player has secured throughout the tournament by winning games and defeating opponents. Maximum points are awarded for consistent victories, please refer to the information below for more details.

2:0 Victory = 4 points
2:1 Victory = 3 Points
Draw (Disputed Matches) = 2 Points
1:2 Defeat = 1 Point
0:2 Defeat = 0 Points

(Click to enlarge)

Live Casting:

Throughout the second week of the tournament organisers have now recruited eight official live streams to assist in covering all of the action from multiple matches. The featured streamers have done a stunning job and Kane’s Wrath Online would like to deeply thank them for their support, we really appreciate the effort they have put into the community. Kane’s Wrath Online looks forward to our caster returning for the final week of combat during the top 8 final series, be sure to catch all of the action with links available on our right hand panel available on any page!

Final Word:

Stay tuned to Kane’s Wrath Online for the final top 8 knockout bracket which will be officially announced later this week as the top 8 battle it out for a chance to take home their portion of the $1000 prize pool!


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