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KWWC Grand Finals Series Results
Green_ZERO 20th Apr 2014
Welcome back everyone to the Command & Conquer 3 Kane’s Wrath World Championships tournament final review featuring the complete Grand Final results and videos! This outstanding community event has generated an incredible following over the last two months which culminated in the Grand Final series played on the 14th  of April 2014. Join the discussion and summary of one of the greatest tournaments of all time only second to EA’s Ladder Season 3 as we review the Grand Final of the 2014 Kane’s Wrath World Championships!  

Video Recap:
Command & Conquer commentator Green_ZERO has provided us with an official World Championships Grand Final video review featuring all of the action from the biggest match in the tournament! Our trusted team of commentators has also now completed comprehensive video coverage of every single game played within our top 8 finals series, all videos are available as a playlist from YouTube. Our full feature replay pack is also available for download which is 100% complete, this has been in high demand and tournament officials welcome all to view and cast at their discretion.


Congratulations to all of the participating players within the tournament for their amazing efforts, gameplay and sportsmanship. Please refer to our official standings for the complete results and fixture of the top 8 final series, the legend can be found by following the link provided. Our grand final series was completed in front of a massive 400 strong crowd as Unleashed_[UA] faced off against masterleaf5 in a best of nine series. After eight intense and incredible games, masterleaf5 emerged as victorious to be crowned the Kane’s Wrath World Champion of 2014. Congratulations to masterleaf5 for his supreme presentation within the tournament to take our first place cash prize of $700, well done masterleaf5! Our second placed prize ($150) and runner up therefore goes to Unleashed_[UA], who also deserves the highest regard for this efforts displayed with what can only be describe as the most difficult of tournaments. Finally, third place position ($50) goes to bikerushownz, congratulations for your efforts within the tournament!


(Click to enlarge!)

Random Prize:
Additionally, there are four random prize winners who are eligible for a $25 participation prize. Players eliminated from the group stage of 64 and 24 who were not disqualified were entered into the random prize draw with two selected from the group of 64 and two from the group of 24. Please note that these players were selected randomly from a random name generator!

HitsugayaMartin, Bigmoule, Miserable, TiberianFuture

(Click to enlarge! Click here for legend!)

Success of the tournament relied on the individual effort of multiple community members which when combined, achieved this great event for everyone to enjoy! Kane’s Wrath Online would very much like to thank the following members for their amazing efforts throughout the tournament, this massive event simply could not have succeeded without their efforts. While I (Green_ZERO) have received unanimous support and congratulations as site owner and lead organiser, I must now encourage the community to pass on credit where it is due in helping to recognise the following community members.

Sybert & Spartacus: Our official World Championship casters Sybert & Spartacus helped deliver the tournament to the community via their amazing live streams and videos casting abilities. Veteran commentator Sybert also provided tournament officials with the certified video intro along with several pieces of artwork in a remarkable effort, thank you Sybert and well done! While Spartacus has only appeared on the scene in more recent times, the effort displayed has been unparalleled with high quality coverage throughout the tournament. Thank you very much Spartacus for your hard work and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

Predator & cgf123: Behind the scenes of this complex event lie the supreme efforts of our resident map developer Predator along with community modder cgf123. The tournament successfully incorporated all of the newly designed maps with a majority of games played featuring these new astonishing battlefields. Congratulations to Predator for earning this stunning success, Kane’s Wrath Online as well as the community sincerely appreciates your efforts, well done and thank you! The community based 1.02+ has clearly been primary feature responsible for the resurgence of the community within recent times with all thanks going to community modder cgf123. Without the countless hours of code crunching and dedication the community would still be dwindling on the increasingly unpopular official 1.02. Very little would have been achieved without the efforts of cgf123 including the organisation of the 2014 World Championships, on behalf of the community I would very much like to thank you cgf123 and keep up the amazing work!

Cabal (EvenStar7): The World championships formal referee and tournament official EvenStar7 is directly responsible for all of the game day organisation almost single handily running the match days like clockwork. This tournament simply would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work displayed by our official referee EvenStar7. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to EvenStar7 and we encourage all community members to acknowledge the astonishing efforts of our senior referee. Thank you EvenStar7 for your dedication, time and effort, words cannot describe the influence that you presence had on the tournament!

Final Word:
Thank you to all of the staff, players and community members who made the tournament possible and for making this event such an amazing success. Kane’s Wrath Online is proud to present to the community the conclusion of the 2014 Kane’s Wrath World Championships!


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