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KWO Open Challenge May 2014 1v1 Tournament Results
Green_ZERO 26th May 2014
Welcome everyone to the Kane’s Wrath Online Open Challenge of May 2014 tournament recap featuring all of the action and results from a massive weekend of gameplay! Additional importance was placed on the tournament with the realisation that this may very well be the last tournament played on the official online servers. The tournament gave us some great showdowns which have demonstrated that even after six years that the community is still alive and shows no signs of slowing down. Kane’s Wrath Online officials proudly present the tournament results for the Kane’s Wrath Online Open Challenge for May 2014!

Video Recap:
Command & Conquer commentator Green_ZERO has provided us with an official Open Challenge tournament video review featuring all of the action from the biggest matches within the tournament! Our trusted team of commentators will also be providing further video coverage for the event, a majority of which has been provided by our resident streamer Sybert! The entirety of the live stream which covered the event is available from either Sybert’s Twitch account or via YouTube. Additionally, we have provided a short replay pack which contains matches from the grand final and third place playoffs as well as other notable matches, this is available for download via the link provided.


Tournament Results:
Round One: The tournament commenced with much anticipation which included a large cash prize spread evenly throughout the winners as we as the random prize for the remaining participants. With the round of 32 came several notable showdowns the first of which featured Technique Vs. shoktrepet, with shoktrepet coming off a recent Tiberium Wars victory. However, Technique's skill and experience prevailed allowing him to send shoktrepet packing early on. Further along in the bracket included eXs.iLLusion Vs. in an intense showdown, although this proved too much for allowing eXs.iLLusion to emerge victorious and progress. Finally, another prominent matchup included that of Green_ZERO Vs. Bonu$_[Ru], which proved to be a bad day for the Russians as Bonu$_[Ru] was also knocked out despite taking game one.
Round Two: The second round of the tournament quickly lowered the player count to 16 as the action began to swiftly heat up once again. An intense showdown assured with bikerushownz Vs. PANIC^.-B4rTgF as both of these players encountered their first real challenge of the tournament. However, after the dust settled bikerushownz emerged victorious and proceeded forward leaving PANIC^.-B4rTgF with an early exit. Further important matches for the round included Green_ZERO Vs. TiberianFuture as well as WarStorm66 Vs. eXs.iLLusion. After several intense games both Green_ZERO along with eXs.iLLusion succeeded in surviving another round sending their opponents out in quick succession.
Round Three: The top 8 showdown had begun which featured some of the most anticipated showdowns of the tournament, the first of which being masterleaf5 Vs. bikerushownz. After being shut down during the KWWC as well as the latest GameReplays tournament, bikerushownz managed to regain some form putting masterleaf5 down in several close games. Further along the bracket featured Green_ZERO Vs. Technique, after three intense game Technique managed to snatch an incredible victory with a powerful comeback in game three.
Semi Finals: With only four contenders remaining, the event was reaching its penultimate stages and the atmosphere surrounding the live streams continued to grow. Semi-final A featured Technique Vs. bikerushownz which ended in a rapid one two punch from bikerushownz sending Technique spiralling out of the tournament an into the third place playoff. Semi-Final B included eXs.iLLusion Vs. -KiMOsaBE- for a chance at the remaining place within the grand final with the loser to join Technique within the third place playoff. At the conclusion of the battle, -KiMOsaBE- emerged victorious to earn his position in his first 1v1 tournament grand final on record.
Grand Final & Third Place Playoff: After four intense rounds of combat and elimination, the grand final had arrived which showcased bikerushownz Vs. -KiMOsaBE- in a best of five final series! Game one on Twilight City saw an interesting all in by -KiMOsaBE- who was convincingly deceived by bikerushownz into thinking an all in rush was on its way. However, the mind games proved too much for -KiMOsaBE- going down 0-1 in the opening engagement. Game two featured Tournament Badlands as -KiMOsaBE-‘s choice and while he initially read bikerushownz’s opening tricks, -KiMOsaBE- was unable to capitalise with bikerushownz running wild in the late game to secure a 2-0 lead. Game three arrived with -KiMOsaBE- looking to be in deep trouble with a 0-3 loss looming, -KiMOsaBE- then decided that Infested Coastline would be where he makes his final stand. Amazingly, -KiMOsaBE- committed to a systematic mid game base push which completely threw bikerushownz as he was hit for six in a game 3 demolition by -KiMOsaBE-. With bikerushownz tasting defeat for the first time within the tournament he quickly rallied in game four on Smashed Dustbowl once again with the mind games. While -KiMOsaBE- initially succeeded in crippling bikerushownz, he was unable to stop a sneaky MCV which simply eliminated -KiMOsaBE-‘s chance of victory. Bikerushownz then pushed on to total victory defeating -KiMOsaBE- 3-1 in the grand final series of the Kane’s Wrath Online Open Challenge May 2014! Additionally, Technique scrapped home a 3-2 victory against eXs.iLLusion within the third place playoff!


Prizes & Rewards:
Congratulations to bikerushownz for emerging victorious and taking first prize of $100, well earned with only one defeat during the entire tournament. Special mentions to -KiMOsaBE- for securing second position of $50, -KiMOsaBE- cannot be disappointed with his efforts as he played a well fought tournament. Finally, congratulations to Technique for taking third place of $30, a notable achievements well done! Additionally, compliments are awarded to Worker^^ who has been selected for our random prize of $20, well done! Winnings will be distributed via PayPal shortly after the completion of the tournament, all those participants who have either earned or been awarded a cash prize please check your emails for further instructions on how to claim your prize. Well done and congratulations to those who have been rewarded with a cash prize, we hope to see you back in future tournaments.
Tournament Appreciation:
Special mention toward Sybert for his amazing stream as well as once again allowing myself (Green_ZERO) to join him in dual cast for the final series. We appreciate the time and effort that Sybert puts into the game which demonstrates true dedication towards the community, thankyou Sybert! An honourable mention is also extended to EvenrStar7 who maintained a high level of organisation throughout the tournament, we appreciate the time and effort dedicated to assist with the running of this event. Thankyou EvenStar7!

----------Kane’s Wrath Online Open Challenge May 2014----------

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