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The Future of Command & Conquer
Green_ZERO 15th Jun 2014
Welcome everyone to another Kane's Wrath Online community update featuring the closure of GameSpy as well as the future of Kane's Wrath! While the closure of the online facilities has been well known for some time, the current confirmed closure date of June 30th 2014 looms ever closer. Losing the ability to join the official servers will likely fragment the community and Kane's Wrath Online staff can recommend familiarising yourself with one of the alternative hosting solutions. Further information regarding these alternatives can be found by viewing this informative video by Spartacus. 

Kane's Wrath Online will likely further endorse Tungle as the preferred replacement if required, while GameReplays has already advised that Evolve will most likely be their choice for future events. Additionally, last week an announcement was made regarding the retainment of online facilities through a third party server which is great news if this can be achieved. Currently details are sketchy, although it appears that a majority of the online features can be replicated with a community patch. Until this is a reality, staff members urge all players to spread the word as the imminent demise of the official hosting is only weeks away. Should the patch be made available, Kane's Wrath Online will ensure to have a download link available, please check back for further updates.

There is not much time left commanders.

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