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Green_ZERO 12th Oct 2014
Welcome back everyone to another Kane's Wrath Online portal announcement featuring an exciting new website design, undoubtedly our community based website has been quite dormant for the past few months, something which is about to change for the better. Our website design has been thoroughly overhauled to revert back to its original purpose, hosting tournaments and events for Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath. The website forums have been severely reduced and cleaned up to now primarily focus on our tournament history and future, all other threads have been combined into our general discussion area. Players seeking to expand on their interest for Kane's Wrath are recommended to visit other such community sites including for further information such as strategies and general replays. 

Kane's Wrath Online now turns its attention to the month of November when our next major event is to occur, this will feature a significant cash prizes split between several high performing player as well as random prizes which will be available for all participants. This is to ensure incentives are in place for all players to continue to remain active within the community and to encourage more players to show interest in our tournaments and events. Additionally, a new tournament poll is now available from the right hand side panel which is requesting that players please provide their input on the starting times for future events. Please ensure that you take into account that a majority of players are from both Europe and American, which basically means that these areas will receive priority. 

Stay tuned for further updates on our upcoming event in November 2014!

Kane's Wrath Online is proudly owned and operated by the following community members:

Green_ZERO: Website owner, operator, commentator, player
bike-RUsh+ownz+: Streamer, fundraiser, player
Cabal: Referee, tournament organiser/official, player
Vercingetorix: Artist, provides additional graphics for events
cgf123: Modder, supports KWO and occasionally assist with portal articles
Predator: Map designer, works closely with cgf123 to develop new content and maps

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