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KWO Open Challenge November 2014 Reminder
Green_ZERO 31st Oct 2014
This weekend marks the beginning of a new month and with that comes the Kane's wrath Online Open Challenge November 1v1 Tournament with the hostilities taking place this weekend on November 2nd 2014. This tournament marks the first double elimination event for our community site and is considered as a major event which commences at 12:00GMT and is expected to last well into the evening. Tournament officials are pleased to see that the tournament filled its initial 32 placements within the first 24 hours of registration, this is great news and organisers welcome this enthusiasm. 

There is still time to sign up for the event commanders with the reserve list available from below, players featured here will be the first seeded into the tournament in the event of no shows or early withdrawals. Please ensure that you have reviewed all the appropriate details that you may require available from the tournament system and the announcement, links are available below. Additionally, players are reminded to ensure that they have the tournament system open throughout the event as this tool is responsible the operation of the event. Good luck commanders!

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