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KWO Open Challenge November 2014 Results
Green_ZERO 3rd Nov 2014
Welcome everyone to the Kane’s Wrath Online Open Challenge November 2014 tournament recap featuring all of the action and results from a massive weekend of double elimination gameplay! This tournament marked the first event played on the new Revora community servers after the official GameSpy servers were shut down earlier this year. Additionally, this tournament marked our first double elimination event which proved to be a major community gathering over the half day tournament. Kane’s Wrath Online officials proudly present the full tournament results for the Kane’s Wrath Open Challenge November 2014!

Video Recap:
Community Command & Conquer streamer IISpartacus was responsible for the tournament commentary with her all new YouTube stream which covered the duration of the staggering seven hour event. All of the action from the games casted can be viewed from IISpartacus’s YouTube stream page included all the penultimate semi-finals, third place and grand final series. Additionally, Green_ZERO has also provided a brief rundown of the tournament results featured in the above video which is also further discussed within the written results below. Tournament officials have gathered all of the replays available for our featured replay pack for those who wish to relive the action from the greatest games played within the tournament.


Tournament Results:
Winner Bracket: The tournament commence at 12:00GMT with much anticipation with random seeding and a double elimination chance for all players. Notable round one games included stateoftheunion facing off against -iLoveMilf$” in an action packed showdown which resulted in stateoftheunion proceeding after a lengthy series. Additionally, the heavy hitting found himself up against the mighty Unleashed _[UA] in which both players had been notable absent from recent events. After the dust settled, Unleashed_[UA] proved that he hadn’t lost his touch as he emerged victorious.
Round two produced a shocking result as Wookibert decimated the hot favourite masterleaf5 in a 2:1 victory over the reigning KWWC champion in what would turn out to be a tournament full of surprising results. Meanwhile, Green_ZERO downed stateoftheunion 2:0 while Unleashed_[UA] further progressed against another tough opponent TiberianFuture.
Round three saw $upernova knocked down to the loser bracket by a consistent WarStorm666, while Wookibert continued his domination by surpassing wegottherockets to book a next round showdown against WarStorm666. Further down the bracket bikerushownz made light work of Death-Sentence 2:0 while Unleashed_[UA] continued to progress against ever tougher opponents by defeating Green_ZERO 2:1.
Round four featured the new rising powerhouse Wookibert who competently defeated WarStorm666, while on the other side of the bracket bikerushownz halted Unleashed_[UA]’s dream run by defeating him 2:0. No doubt Unleashed_[UA] simply had the toughest run of opponents by far throughout the tournament as he is sent down to the loser bracket to fight for survival.
The winner bracket semi-finals commenced with the new powerhouse Wookibert facing off against the unstoppable bikerushownz in a best of five series to secure a position within the grand final. Unfortunately, Wookibert found himself on the receiving end this time going down 3:1 to be sent packing to the loser bracket.
Loser Bracket: Action within the loser bracket was equally intense with continuation of surprising results, including defeating -iLoveMilf$” only to lose to .’Plan.eden’. within the following round. Another amazing upset saw masterleaf5 being defeated by the long absent giopanipi resulting in his early exit with masterleaf5 only managing two wins against lesser opponents TwinAero and Antidote. In other matches, Green_ZERO continued his fight for survival taking care of $upernova 2:0 while managing to exact revenge on Unleashed _[UA] for his earlier winner bracket loss, defeating him 2:1. Continuing from this point saw TiberianFuture dispose of .’Plan.Eden’. before finishing off Green_ZERO 2:1, although TiberianFuture was unable to stop Wookibert, going down 2:1.
Grand Final: The penultimate engagement resulted in a second attempt for Wookibert to stop the deadly bikerushownz in a best of seven showdown. Game one resulted in a heavy base push from bikerushownz and despite a fast tech from Wookibert, he was unable to stop bikerushownz taking game one. Game two resulted in heavy aggression from bikerushownz to secure two victories in a row while game three ended with an all in infantry push from Wookibert, which unfortunately turned out to be unsuccessful. However, Wookibert did manage a victory on Twilight City with a decisive Attack Bike push to cripple bikerushownz. Game five turned out to be the final game within the series with Wookibert unable to break bikerushownz with his delayed all in attack, allowing bikerushownz to secure his tournament victory!

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Prizes & Rewards:
Congratulations are to be awarded to bikerushownz for emerging victorious for the second time in a row during a Kane’s Wrath Online event. While bikerushownz did succumb to defeat during several games throughout the tournament, he has proved that his consistency is still extremely dangerous as he proceeded through the tournament while maintaining his winner bracket status. First prize of $70 is awarded to bikerushownz, well done and compliments on another tournament victory. Second prize of $30 has been awarded to Wookibert for an outstanding effort within the tournament, well done you have truly earned your position within this event for some amazing matches. Furthermore, congratulations also to TiberianFuture for managing to secure third place in an extremely competitive event, you have been awarded the cash prize of $20. Finally, our random prizes of 3x$10 have been awarded to $upernova, Phantom{Wolves} and wegottherockets, well done for your participation within the event!
Winnings will be distributed via PayPal shortly after the completion of the tournament, all those participants who have either earned or been awarded a cash prize please check your emails for further instructions on how to claim your prize. Well done and congratulations to those who have been rewarded with a cash prize, we hope to see you back in future tournaments.
Tournament Appreciation:
Tournament official and organisers would like to extend their sincerest gratitude towards IISpartacus for spending the time and effort to provide excellent commentary of the event, especially the massive seven hour stream which shows great endurance and dedication. Additionally, caster Sybert also managed to make an appearance towards the end of the event to assist IISpartacus with a dual commentary of the grand final series, we would like to thank Sybert for finding the time to assist with our tournament. Finally, to our illustrious tournament referee Cabal we would like to thank for spending the time to run the tournament. Without this organisation our community event would not have been possible, thank you Cabal for all of your outstanding efforts! 

----------Kane’s Wrath Online Open Challenge November 2014----------

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