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Patch 1.02+ Release 11 Available Now!
Green_ZERO 6th May 2015
Welcome back everyone to another Kane's Wrath Online community announcement featuring our newly rebuild website which also coincides with the long awaited release of the next version of the community 1.02+ patch! Community based modder cgf123 has worked diligently to produce the next generation of the long awaited community patch, release 11 of the 1.02+ is available right now to download from our dedicated forums! This version features an array of newly designed maps which will be heavily prioritised within the next tournaments so now is the time to familiarise yourself with these new battlegrounds!

The staff here at Kane's Wrath Online would like to thank our community modder cgf123 as well as the map developer Predator for their determination and dedication to the game, without these two members Kane's Wrath would surely have burned out long ago. Moving forward we now find ourselves entering an exciting time for the community with several big announcements planned over the next few weeks, staff encourage all members to keep a close eye on things as further information will be provided very soon. Apart from this, we strongly recommend download the new 1.02+ patch release 11 from our forums by following the link below!

Patch 1.02+ Release 11 (6th May 2015): Download Here!

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