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GameReplays Announces $500 2v2 Event
Green_ZERO 10th May 2015
Exciting news for the community today as GameReplays announced a back to back two week 2v2 tournament event with the latter featuring a massive $500 cash prize. This is the first time we have seen such a large scale cash prize offered since the Kane's Wrath Online World Championship held in 2014 and will no doubt assist with bringing back more players to the community. Full details of the event including the cash prize and signups are available from the following link below, we recommend that all players who are interested in this event should sign up as soon as possible.

Kane's Wrath 2v2 Warm Up Tournament

Community leaders have caused quite a stir recently and we anticipate that there will be more great events to follow for the community in the coming weeks. Additionally, Kane's Wrath Online will also be making another announcement mid-week on an upcoming event where further details will become available. These are no doubt exciting times for our community as we continue to maintain a reasonable players base for a game which has only recently turned seven years old (or eight if you count Tiberium Wars). 

Stayed tuned for further updates commanders!

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