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KWO Tournament Server Launch
Green_ZERO 25th May 2015
Community representatives here at Kane’s Wrath Online would like to welcome the community back to another exciting announcement as the official launch for the Kane’s Wrath Online tournament server gets underway today. This expansive new server marks a critical point within the further development of the community as this platform becomes available for online warfare as of today 25th May 2015. Officials here at Kane’s Wrath Online would like to welcome everyone to take part in this amazing development as we continue our build up towards an even bigger announcement next weekend. That’s right commanders, while the server is ready for combat right now, the countdown will continue to slowly tick down to the next thrilling launch on the 1st June 2015 and the wait is almost over!

Tournament Server
The Kane’s Wrath Online tournament server has been specifically designed to be a safe and secure location for hosting community events without presenting the community to any unnecessary outside risks of deliberate interference. Hosting events is the main intention for the server, community representatives would like to make it clear that the server is not intended to be a competitor for the current active Revora servers. Although, this server will be available at all times outside of tournaments also, so those players who wish to use these online facilities may do so at their own discretion. Officials here at Kane’s Wrath Online encourage all players to ensure they are familiar with how to access the server should they intend to participate in any community hosted events.

Server Access
Accessing the server is relatively simple and quick to achieve, additionally most players will be automatically subscribed so multiple logins will not be required after the first initial connection. Officials have developed a simple step by step guide on how to access and play on the new tournament server, commentator Green_ZERO has also provided a video explanation to assist. Further information can be acquired from the newly released server forums should any players ever require further assistance with the server. The server has been arranged through the software known as LogMeIn Hamachi, this essentially allows games to be hosted on a network level. Aside from the initial login, no further logins are required and there are no usernames and passwords so we do not foresee any potential issues as accessing the server is as simple as running the game.

-----Kane’s Wrath Online Tournament Server Guide-----

This server has been funded and paid for by bike-RUsh+ownz+ and Scelestus, we appreciate their generous donations to allow this facility to become a reality. Thank you.

Discuss the server here!

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