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Command League 2015 Official Launch
Green_ZERO 1st Jun 2015
Throughout the history of Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath the community has witnessed a wide variety of various tournaments featuring a vast range of diversity during this age, an age which after eight precarious years still remains strong. Critically defining events have constructed this community into an adept, expansive and creative community and today representatives here at Kane’s Wrath Online seek to build upon this foundation once more. Kane’s Wrath Online is extremely proud to present the next critically defining event featuring a never before seen event format! Commanders of the third Tiberium war and beyond, welcome to the official launch of the Season 2015 Kane’s Wrath Online Command League!

Command League 2015 Launch Trailer

Command League Details
The Kane's Wrath Online Command League 2015 will be played over the timeframe of several months as players engage within intense online warfare for the only thing that matters, the lucrative yet elusive Command Points! Officials here at Kane’s Wrath Online will provide a fully functional ladder system which includes a wide range of various statistics including overall performance, points and position. The primary goal of the Command League 2015 will be for players to finish within a high enough position to qualify for the league ending multiple week grand masters tournament, the Command Cup! Only the most dedicated and competitive players will be selected for this grand masters event, players of all skill levels are encouraged to participate and play, so start training commanders!

Command League Format
The Command League format will be fought over six intense stages with several of these events featuring specific rules and regulations, these are relatively straight forward and provide a more dynamic environment for players. Commanders are encouraged to play within as many stages as possible in order to accumulate Command Points which are awarded for defeating opponents and performing well within each stage. The stage events are made up of six individual 1v1 tournaments which will be held on a specific time and date, similar to the Open Challenges. Each tournament stage will be announced after the conclusion of the previous stage, generally speaking they will be around 2-3 weeks apart therefore the Command League is expected to last for around 2-3 months. The first stage will be announced within one week!

(Click to enlarge)

Points System
Points scored by players within each event will be collected and tallied at the end of each stage, our online ladder system will keep track of the ongoing hostilities with a full range of statistics included. Points will only be awarded to players who participated within the event, players who sign up yet do not attend will not receive any points along with players who receive disqualification. The points system for the Command League 2015 will remain the same throughout the six stages and is as follows below:

Round of 64 = 1 Point (If Required)
Round of 32 = 2 Points (1 Point for a 32 Player Event)
Round of 16 = 3 Points
Round of 8 = 5 Points
Fourth Place = 6 Points
Third Place = 7 Points
Second Place = 8 Points
First Place = 10 Points

-----Command League 2015 Full Ladder-----

Command Cup 2015
The Kane’s Wrath Online Command League 2015 will conclude at the end of the final stage and all eligible players will have the opportunity to accept an invitation for inclusion within the Command Cup assuming they have gathered enough Command Points. The Command Cup 2015 will be divided into two divisions, the Pro Cup as well as the Intermediate Cup, qualification is dependent on meeting several criteria within the Command League.

-----Current Prize Pool $500USD-----
(Subject to increase)

Command Cup Pro

• The Command Cup Pro 2015 will accept the top 16 players from the Command League 2015, players are ranked on points followed by percentage, players outside the top 16 will be allowed to queue as reserve players in the event that players within the top 16 are unable to participate.

• The Command Cup Pro 2015 will currently feature a $500 cash prize which will be divided into smaller prizes at a later date, additionally this prize pool has the potential to rise over the duration of the event.

• Players must play within a minimum of four (4) stage events in order to qualify for placement within the Command Cup Pro 2015. Update: This rule has been removed.

• Players that qualify within the Command Cup Pro 2015 cannot select to play within the Command Cup Intermediate 2015, no exceptions.
Command Cup Intermediate

• The Command Cup Intermediate 2015 will accept a minimum of 8 players, yet this can potentially be expanded to 16 in the event of high demand.

• The Command Cup Intermediate 2015 currently does not feature a cash prize (subject to change), however there will be prizes for the winners which include merchandise as well as free Steam games of their choice.

• Players must play within a minimum of three (3) stage events in order to qualify for placement within the Command Cup Intermediate 2015Update: This rule has been removed.

• Players cannot play within both the Command Cup Pro & Intermediate 2015, in the event that a reserve player outside the top 16 is invited into the Command Cup Pro 2015, that player must make a choice of one over the other. Additionally, the Command Cup Intermediate 2015 will be played after the conclusion of the Command Cup Pro 2015.

Registration & Participation
Technically players do not register for the Command League 2015, participation is accepted during the stage events with which players will have the opportunity to register for. Please note that stage one will be announced shortly, the series has been designed to be ‘play as you go’, so stayed tuned for further information. Players do not have to participate within all of the stage events, however missing these events will mean less opportunity to score Command Points.

-----Command League 2015-----

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