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Command League Stage Three Results
Green_ZERO 27th Jul 2015
Welcome back everyone to the Kane's Wrath Online Command League 2015 Stage Three Tournament event which completed this weekend with a wide range of players engaging in swift and brutal combat for the elusive Command Points! The Command League has now officially reached its half way point with a now well developed ladder with multiple players now desperately fighting to retain a top 16 position. Qualification for the Command Cup is now on the minds of all players as the race for Command Points heats up, stay tuned for further updates commanders! Officials would like to encourage all players to join and participate within these events and we have completed this comprehensive review regarding the stage three tournament results.

Video Recap:
Community Command & Conquer commentator Green_ZERO has provided a video review which covers the extent of the tournament including results and reviews of all of the action. Tournament officials have gathered all of the replays available for our featured replay pack for those who wish to relive the action from the greatest games played within the tournament. Officials have collected as many replays as possible including many of the finals series which can be downloaded from the links below. Additionally, -KiMOsaBE- stepped up to provide a full live cast of the grand final series, however this was not retained and we will be looking to provide Vod's of the grand finals series shortly.


Tournament Results:
Initial Round Stages: The Command League Stage Three event commenced with high anticipation as several big names faced off within the opening round of 16 which included Unleashed_[UA] Vs TiberianFuture. This high octane engagement would prove to have a massive effect on the ladder as TiberianFuture managed to edge out Unleashed_[UA] in a 2:1 thriller knocking out the heavyweight Unleashed_[UA] very early. Meanwhile, newcomer Death-Sentence' took on Green_ZERO on the opposite side of the brackets which resulted in several tight games with Green_ZERO managing to secure a nice 2:1 victory.
Quarter Finals: The upper brackets provided a majority of the entertainment within the quarter finals as TiberianFuture once again secured a tight 2:1 victory over the returning Australian player -KiMOsaBE- to secure a position within the semi finals. Elsewhere Maze. engaged against the deadly Wookibert and emerged victorious for a nice 2:0 victory restricting Wookibert's Command Points potential. The Xbox player OneVISION was also able to find victory within the event as he downed Granola17 2:0 to reach his first semi final position.

Semi Finals: The initial semi final between TiberianFuture and Maze. was over quickly as TiberianFuture used his sneaky rush tactics to end Maze.'s second Command League appearance and book his place within the grand final. Meanwhile, OneVISION's Scrin forces engaged against Green_ZERO's GDI battalion with a grand final spot on offer. After four tight games, Green_ZERO emerged victorious to take a nice 3:1 victory with all games being notably close and equally intense.
Grand Final & Third Place: Thundering into the grand final were two players who both seemed unstoppable at this point in time as TiberianFuture took on Green_ZERO within a best of five series for the maximum points. Selecting Black Hand against TiberianFuture's Traveler 59 proved to be a fatal mistake as Green_ZERO was effectively defeated within the opening game to give TiberianFuture a great start in the series. However, after transitioning back to GDI and bringing the full force of this powerhouse faction to bear, TiberianFuture found himself under siege from all directions. The following three games were all as equally intense and quite long as both players engaged in hard fought battles, yet the Zone Trooper Hammerhead strategies incorporated by Green_ZERO ultimately swung each games to his favour over time. Green_ZERO emerged victorious after four games scoring a 3:1 victory and taking the maximum Command Points! Additionally, Maze. secured third place as OneVISION was not able to participate within the third place playoff.

(click to enlarge)

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Command Points: The Command League 2015 ladder has now been officially updated and can be found by selecting the links from the menu bar or by following the links below. The completion of the tournaments mark the end of stage three of the Command League 2015, please stay tuned to Kane’s Wrath Online as the stage four tournament will be announced within the next one to two weeks.

Tournament Appreciation:
Tournament officials would like to thank Dimitery for his continued support and assistance with organising the events. Additionally, organisers would like to thank -KiMOsaBE- for providing his live stream cast. Staff here at Kane’s Wrath Online would like to also thank all the participants and players within the event and encourage all to join future events!

-----Kane’s Wrath Online Command League Stage Three Tournament-----

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