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Command League Stage Six Results +Command Cup Info
Green_ZERO 4th Oct 2015
Welcome everyone to the final encapsulation of the Command League 2015 featuring all of the results obtained throughout the entire league. Commanders from all over the world have been engaged in brutal and intense combat as they battle over the precious Command Points which today will bring them all the glory as the qualification for the Command Cup 2015 begins! Please read the following article carefully as we present all of the results from the final stage as well as the qualifiers for the league ending tournament which will feature a large cash prize yet to be announced in full. Additionally, we are now offering commanders the ability to accept their invitation to the Command Cup 2015 should they have attained the required points!

Video Recap:
Community Command & Conquer commentator Green_ZERO has provided a video review which covers the extent of the tournament including results and reviews of all of the action. Tournament officials have gathered all of the replays available for our featured replay pack for those who wish to relive the action from the greatest games played within the tournament. Officials have collected as many replays as possible including many of the finals series which can be downloaded from the links below. 


Tournament Results:
Summary: The final stage of the Command League 2015 attracted a wealth of players all eager to secure their foothold within the league ending Command Cup! Notable first round engagements featured Inspire_Phx defeating Wookibert 2-1 while bikrushownz downed Unleashed_[UA] 2:0, more surprisingly Worker managed a nice 2:1 victory over Death-Sentence' leaving him in jeopardy of not qualifying. The quarter finals featured a tight series between Maze. and Green_ZERO as Maze. managed to slip past Green_ZERO in a close 2:1 while Inspire_Phx pushed past -KiMOsaBE- 3:1 within the semi finals on the other side of the bracket. Meanwhile bikerushownz had been making steady progress yet had to retire due to time constraints, allowing Inspire_Phx to claim the tournament victory with -KiMOsaBE- rounding out the podium. Congratulations to all the players who participated within the event and well done to our qualifiers below!

Command Cup 2015 Qualifiers: 
Congratulations to the following players who have successfully attained enough points to qualify for the Command Cup 2015, please ensure that you accept your invitation if you wish to participate. Players have been divided into four tiers, the top four (position 1-4) representing tier one, the top eight (position 5-8) representing tier two, the top twelve (position 9-12) representing tier three and finally the top 16 (position 13-16) representing tier four. During the bracket draw (which will be recorded live), each bracket will be made up of four players, one from each tier which will be randomly assigned. Further details regarding the command cup will be announced at a later date.


Tier One = Green_ZERO, bikerushownz, Unleashed_[UA], Inspire_Phx
Tier Two = Maze., Wookibert, -KiMOsaBE-, TiberianFuture
Tier Three = Granola17, masterleaf, EnCore*, OneVISION
Tier Four = JakeWhite, Death-Sentence', Martok9999, Sozdatel'

Reserves (in order of acceptance) = DirtyHarryCnC, Blackheart, Worker, w3goth3rockets

-----Click here to accept your invitation!-----

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Command Points: The Command League 2015 ladder has now been officially updated and can be found by selecting the links from the menu bar or by following the links below. The completion of the tournaments mark the end of stage six of the Command League 2015 as well as the conclusion of the entire league, please stay tuned to Kane’s Wrath Online as the Command Cup 2015 will be officially launched shortly!

Tournament Appreciation:
Tournament officials would like to thank -KiMOsaBE- for providing assistance in organising and initiating the tournament event, this would not have been possible without your help, thank you.

-----Kane’s Wrath Online Command League Stage Six Tournament-----
-----Special thanks to all the participants of the Command League 2015-----

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