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Command Cup Qualifiers
Green_ZERO 11th Oct 2015
The completion of the Command League 2015 has presented us with the league ending major tournament event known as the Command Cup 2015 featuring multiple large cash prizes. This official event will be hosted by Kane's Wrath Online shortly with further details on the dates and prizes to be released at a later date. Qualification has been extremely close for the event with several players only barely retaining a qualifying position, some by only a single point or percentage. Please read the following article carefully as will provide some useful information and insight into the event as well as allowing players to register for the tournament.

Qualification Registration
Players are now welcome to register to secure their position within the event by following the links provided, please notes that you must be on the list of qualifiers to register as this is a closed event base on the rankings from the now completed the Command League 2015. Additionally, we are accepting up to four reserve players in the event that certain players are unable to attend the event, these reserves are still encouraged to attend the actual event as there is still a possibility that some players may withdraw late. The full list of qualifiers is below:

Tier One = Green_ZERO, bikerushownz, Unleashed_[UA], Inspire_Phx
Tier Two = Maze., Wookibert, -KiMOsaBE-, TiberianFuture
Tier Three = Granola17, masterleaf, EnCore*, OneVISION
Tier Four = JakeWhite, Death-Sentence', Martok9999, Sozdatel'

Reserves = DirtyHarryCnC, Blackheart, Worker, w3goth3rock3ts


Congratulations to the above players who have successfully attained enough points to qualify for the Command Cup 2015, please ensure that you accept your invitation if you wish to participate. Players have been divided into four tiers, the top four (position 1-4) representing tier one, the top eight (position 5-8) representing tier two, the top twelve (position 9-12) representing tier three and finally the top 16 (position 13-16) representing tier four. During the bracket draw (which will be recorded live), each bracket will be made up of four players, one from each tier which will be randomly assigned. Further details regarding the command cup will be announced at a later date.

Tournament Dates
The dates for the Command Cup 2015 are still yet to be decided, however players are encourage to vote using our poll located on the left hand frame of each page. The current consensus after to speaking with many players is for the event to commence in November and run throughout that month, please note that the Command Cup will run over a three week period. Our top 16 will be reduced to 8 after the first week before being further reduced to the top 4 who will proceed to the final week of the tournament. Aside from the initial top 16 which is randomly seeded using our 'tier' feature, each other week will be seeded base on where players finishes within the previous week. Please stay tuned for further details as well as the live bracket draw at a later date.

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