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Command Cup 2015 Live!
Green_ZERO 31st Oct 2015
The Command Cup 2015 opening week on hostilities is about to commence with high anticipation as sixteen of the best Kane's Wrath players of all time prepare to fight it out for eternal glory! Commanders are encourage to ensure that they attend the event early to ensure they has a sound understanding of the event as well as to ask any questions. Additionally, officials have provided this quick checklist to keep players on track and aware of the layout of this amazing event! This is it commanders, the fight for total victory begins now!

Tournament = KWO Command Cup 2015 Week One (Top 16)
Date & Time = 1st November 2015 12:00 GMT
Category = 1v1 Double Elimination BO:7
Location = Revora Server (Russian 1 Lobby) + GameRanger
Players = 16
Registration = Qualifiers Only
Specifications Strike Rules Apply
Ranking = Ranked + Random Tier Seeding (Based on Command League Rank)
Version = 1.02+ R11 (May 6th 2015)

Primary Faction Strike Rule
The strike rules are making a return for the Command Cup 2015, please read this paragraph carefully to see how you can take advantage of this mechanic. The primary faction strike rule can only be used once per match (per best of series) and can only be used by players who have lost at least one game within the series. The primary faction strike rule allows a players to prevent their opponent from selecting a specific faction which also includes the sub factions (and random) associated with this faction. Example, striking GDI will prevent a player from using GDI, ST, ZOCOM and random for one game only.

Map Pool
All 1v1 1.02+ compatible maps are allowed within the tournament, thee are no map limitations within the tournament with the only exception being that you cannot play the same map twice within a single round. Initially, the first map for each bracket will be predetermined by officials, from there it will always be the losers choice.

Winner Bracket First Map: Twisted Rift
Loser Bracket First Map: Mountain Pass

*Example: All players must play Twisted rift as their first map while in the winner bracket (including your first opponent), in the event that a players falls to the loser bracket then the first map of any match there will be Mountain Pass.

Please report all of your results to the replay thread linked below, please ensure that you attach your replays or you may also send these directly to Green_ZERO. Please note that players who do not report their results may be disqualified and forfeit any cash prizes including random prizes.

Uploads replays and results here!

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Discuss the tournament  here!

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