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Command Cup 2015 Week Two Results
Green_ZERO 8th Nov 2015
The Command Cup 2015 thundered into the second week of hostilities this weekend as the top eight players form the Command League continued to battle it out for survival within this brutal tournament event! Unfortunately for our commanders, there is only four qualifications positions available for our prestigious league ending tournament final series with plenty of prize money on the line. Eight players entered the arena, only four emerged victorious, our full weekend of results is available within this article. With the conclusion of this week, players are now faced with the final challenge, the Command Cup 2015 semi finals and grand final series! Prepare yourself commanders, the end is near!

Video Recap & Live Stream:
Community Command & Conquer commentator Green_ZERO has provided a video review which covers the extent of the second week of the Command Cup 2015 including results and reviews of all of the action. Tournament officials have gathered all of the replays available for our featured replay pack for those who wish to relive the action from the greatest games played within the tournament. Officials would like to thank all the players for saving their replays and providing us with an exceptional replay pack, thank you. Additionally, Flamedremon provided a live stream which covered a majority of the action, this can be found by using the link below.


Tournament Results:
Group A: The second week of the Command Cup 2015 commenced in high anticipation as the opening match between EnCore* and -KiMOsaBE- went right down to the ace match with -KiMOsaBE- barely scrapping through for a tight 4:3 victory. Meanwhile Green_ZERO managed to crush Unleashed_[UA] 4:0 with a surprising result sending Unleashed_[UA] to the loser bracket. Green_ZERO then faced the other Australian opponent -KiMOsaBE- in several high octane and action packed games as both players attempted to endlessly crush each other. However, Green_ZERO managed to emerge victorious 4:2 despite the incredibly tight game play and game results to secure a qualification position for the final week. Unleashed_[UA] had no problems against EnCore* taking game number one before EnCore* withdrew due to time constraints to allow Unleashed_[UA] the remaining victories. The victories didn't stop there for Unleashed_[UA] who also secured a position within the final week after downing -KiMOsaBE- 4:1, leaving -KiMOsaBE- eliminated despite a great tournament showing.

Group B: The stakes were high within group B as Maze. struggled against the sheer might of masterleaf as he quickly fell giving masterleaf a nice 4:1 victory while Inpsire_Phx received a free win due to an absent Granola17. However, Granola17 made a late entrance and was granted a birth within the loser bracket where he gave Maze. a run for his money taking the series to the ace match which resulted in a 4:3 Maze. victory. Meanwhile Inspire_Phx and masterleaf fought out a six games series which was quite scrappy with masterleaf taking the series 4:2 to secure a final week qualification position. The final match for the week was quick, brutal and decisive as Inspire_Phx outclassed Maze. 4:0 to ensure his survival within the tournament event!

(click to enlarge)

Command Cup 2015 Final Week
The Command Cup 2015 will conclude within the final week as our final top four players continue to strive towards the large cash prizes on offer for the tournament. Please note that the following placement for the final round has been predetermined by the finishing positions of players within the week two event. Therefore, the winner of group A will face off against the runner up of Group B while the winner of group B will face the runner up of group A. The rules and format are very similar to the previous weeks of the tournament event with a few exceptions and are listed below in order to assist with player organisation.

Tournament = KWO Command Cup 2015 Week Three
Date & Time = 15th November 2015 12:00 GMT
Category = 1v1 Single Elimination (Semi Finals BO:9, Grand Final & Third Place BO11)
Location = Revora Server (Russian 1 Lobby)
Players = 4
Registration = Qualifiers Only
Specifications Strike Rules Apply (x2 for Grand Final & Third Place)
Ranking = Ranked (Based on finishing position of week two)
Version = 1.02+ R11 (May 6th 2015)


Primary Faction Strike Rule
The strike rules are making a return for the Command Cup 2015, please read this paragraph carefully to see how you can take advantage of this mechanic. The primary faction strike rule can only be used once per match (per best of series) and can only be used by players who have lost at least one game within the series. The primary faction strike rule allows a players to prevent their opponent from selecting a specific faction which also includes the sub factions (and random) associated with this faction. Example, striking GDI will prevent a player from using GDI, ST, ZOCOM and random for one game only.


Map Pool
All 1v1 1.02+ compatible maps are allowed within the tournament, thee are no map limitations within the tournament with the only exception being that you cannot play the same map twice within a single round. Initially, the first map for each final series will be predetermined by officials, from there it will always be the losers choice.

Semi Finals First Map: Tiberium Zone
Grand Final & Third Place First Map: Twilight City

(click to enlarge)

Tournament Appreciation:
Tournament officials would like to thank Cabal & Flamedremon for providing assistance in organising and initiating the tournament event as well as providing the live stream, this would not have been possible without your help, thank you.

-----Kane’s Wrath Online Command Cup 2015 Tournament-----

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