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Command Cup 2015 Final Results
Green_ZERO 22nd Nov 2015
Welcome back everyone to the Kane's Wrath Online Command Cup 2015 official completed results featuring the outcome of the tournament event including videos, streams, replays, winners and reviews! The entirety of the last six months of the Command League 2015 concluded last weekend as the league ending Command Cup 2015 reached its climactic point which demonstrated the extreme competition still within the community with extremely tight results. Tournament officials would like to thank and congratulate all those individuals who participated and assisted within the event, this was a truly spectacular event enjoyed by the entire community. Listen up commanders, the official results of the Command Cup 2015 are here!

Video Recap & Live Stream:
Community Command & Conquer commentator Green_ZERO has provided a video review which covers the extent of the final week of the Command Cup 2015 including results and reviews of all of the action. Tournament officials have gathered all of the replays available for our featured replay pack for those who wish to relive the action from the greatest games played within the tournament final series. Officials would like to thank all the players for saving their replays and providing us with an exceptional replay pack, thank you. Further thanks must be extended to Flamedremon who provided a live stream which covered a majority of the action including the grand final which was dual coasted with the help of Green_ZERO, this can be found by using the link below.


Tournament Results:
Semi Final A: The Command Cup 2015 launched into the final series with Green_ZERO facing off against Inspire_Phx within the first semi finals series, showcasing an intense opening series. Inspire_Phx enjoyed a great start to the series securing the first two games to lower the pressure, however Green_ZERO remained focused by leveling the series 2:2 and placing the pressure back onto Inspire_Phx. Once again though Inspire_Phx scored another double victory to take the series to match point at 4:2 and Green_ZERO would once again have to pull the series back from the brink to remain with a chance to take the top prize. Unfortunately for Inspire_Phx, Green_ZERO once again rallied within the next two games to take the series to the match point with two comprehensive victories. The final game within the series was extremely brutal with both players fighting for their survival, this time there would be no second chance for Green_ZERO as Inspire_Phx managed to close the series 5:4 earning his place within the Command Cup 2015 Grand Final!

Semi Final B: Our second semi finals series featured two swore enemies whose desire to destroy one another was extreme, that being the Traveler-59 professional masterleaf facing of against the animal of Kane's Wrath, the legendary Unleashed_[UA]. The opening game within the series quickly fell within the favour of Unleashed_[UA] as he crushed masterleaf in an blazing display of firepower. Despite the setback, masterleaf managed to secure the next two games within the series, although barely managing to overwhelm Unleashed_[UA]'s extreme aggression. The pressure was on throughout the entire series as Unleashed_[UA] wrestled back the series lead by dominating the next two engagements in an extremely long game following by a second quick victory. Unleashed_[UA] endless aggressive tactics proved extremely effective against masterleaf yet masterleaf continued to hold his nerve by just managing to outlast Unleashed_[UA] throughout the next few games within the series. The match was eventually won by masterleaf after a several long hours series which drained both players, the final score being 5:3 in favour of masterleaf to secure his Command Cup 2015 Grand final position.

Command Cup 2015 Grand Final: The prestigious grand final series of the Command Cup 2015 had finally arrived after six brutal months of conflict only the two greatest players emerged for chance at ultimate glory. Inspire_Phx assumed his rightful position within the grand final to face of against masterleaf who has also earned his position with an outstanding tournament performance. The opening three games were a disasters for Inspire_Phx as masterleaf's constant aggression brutalised Inspire_Phx's mind, crushing him quickly for a nice 3:0 lead in this best of eleven series. Inpsire_Phx continued to struggle and barely managed to secure game four to temporarily stop the flow of masterleaf victories. The respite was temporary as masterleaf stormed to yet another victory within game number five, placing ever increasing pressure of Inspire_Phx as things continued to fall apart for the American player. Players took a short break at the half way point within the series as fatigue was a constant threat to the performance of both players who continued to drain each other the longer the series continued on. Once refreshed, Inspire_Phx began to mount an amazing comeback as his performance within the next two games was outstanding, shaking masterleaf's confidence as the series evened out with masterleaf leading just 5:4 at this point. Determined not to take the series to match point, masterleaf continued with his preferred map selection in an attempt to edge out any advantage that he could. Inspire_Phx attempted to all in during game ten and masterleaf never saw it coming, yet unfortunately for Inspire_Phx the target firing was not on point, resulting in a lucky hold for masterleaf. Inspire_Phx was then effectively defeated and masterleaf emerged victorious to secure the Command Cup 2015 grand final series and win the Command Cup match 6:4 in this stunning conclusion, congratulations to masterleaf!

Third Place Playoff: Our minor final for third place featured Green_ZERO squaring off against Unleashed_[UA] for the lesser third place prize in this second best of eleven series. While Unleashed_[UA] secured game one for an early lead, Green_ZERO fought back with an incredible five game winning streak to place the series at 5:1 in Green_ZERO's favour. Unleashed_[UA] managed to bring the score back slightly before eventually falling 6:3 to Green_ZERO, Unleashed_[UA] being unable to recuperate the losses taken early within the series. Congratulations to Green_ZERO for securing the third place position within the Command Cup 2015!

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Command Cup 2015 Final Positions:
Congratulations and well done to masterleaf for securing the Command Cup 2015, a truly epic achievement and officials would like to encourage the community to celebrate this victory. The Command League 2015 ran for five months with masterleaf only managing to secure tenth position, leaving him within a vulnerable position early within the Command Cup tournament. Despite this masterleaf never lost a series within the final league ending tournament, although several series went right down to the wire. Further congratulations must be extended to Inpsire_Phx for securing second position, this is by no means an easy result to achieve, well done for a great effort within the tournament to Inspire_Phx. Additionally, well done to both Green_ZERO and Unleashed_[UA] for making the top four and securing third and four respectively, there were many high ranking players who never made it this far making this a great achievement. Officials here at Kane's Wrath Online would like to thank everyone within the community for their involvement and assistance for making this great event a reality and once again well done tot he winners!

Command Cup 2015 Prizes:
Prize winners for the Command Cup 2015 are as follows, please note that all prizes must be claimed by PayPal, each prize winner will receive an email containing instructions on how to claim your prize. 

First Prize $300 USD = masterleaf
Second Prize $125 USD = Inspire_Phx
Third Prize $75 USD = Green_ZERO
Random Prizes 4x$25 USD = Granola17, EnCore*, DeathSentence', Unleashed_[UA]

*Random prizes were draw using a random generator, only player who participated within the event who were not disqualified or have not already earned a prize are eligible.

(Command Cup 2015 Winner: Masterleaf)

Tournament Appreciation:
Tournament officials would like to thank Cabal & Flamedremon for providing assistance in organising and initiating the tournament event as well as providing the live stream. Further thanks must be extended towards -KiMOsaBE- & Death-Sentence' who provided additional support throughout the league series, this would not have been possible without your help, thank you.

-----Kane’s Wrath Online Command Cup 2015 Tournament-----

Command Cup Intermediate:
Officials have decided that due to a lack of general interest, the Command Cup Intermediate will be postponed indefinitely, there is a possibility that we may revisit this concept at a later date yet there are no current plans. 

Discuss the tournament  here!

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