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Renegade Wars Tournament!
Green_ZERO 21st Feb 2016
Welcome back everyone to another Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath community tournament event proudly hosted by the staff here at Kane's Wrath Online!. Our series of free to play tournaments continues with another fantastic event lined up for March 2016 featuring a never before seen game mode. Officials here at Kane’s Wrath Online are proud to present the first official Renegade Wars Tournament for Command & Conquer! This highly anticipated event will feature the brand new Renegade Wars game mode which favours intense micro over base buildings and macro. Cash prizes will be available for those few who have what it takes to become the ultimate Renegade!

Tournament Details
The Kane's Wrath Online Renegade Wars Tournament will be played over the period of several hours on the date and details advised below, please ensure that you allow enough time to complete the tournament should you choose to participate within this event.

Tournament = KWO Renegade Wars Tournament March 2016
Date & Time = 6th March 2014 12:00GMT
Category = 3v3 Team Single Elimination (BO Format Dependant)
Location = Revora Server (Russian lobby)
Players = 24* (8 Teams Maximum)
Prize Pool = $100 (First = $90 ($30 per team member), Random 1x $10)
Ranking + Registration = First come, first served

* Players can sign up individually (you will be assigned a team) or in teams of three (3).

Map Details
Currently, there is only one suitable map purposely designed for Renegade Wars, all rounds and games will be played on this map which is available with the installer.

Click here to download the Renegade Wars installer

The tournament format will be dependent on the amount of interest and participants within the event, officially the tournament will accept up to a maximum of eight (8) teams. The following formats will be utilised on the match day depending on which is most preferable, brackets will be available via a further update article on the tournament date :

2 Teams = BO:7 Grand Finals Series
3-4 Teams = BO:5 Semi Finals, BO:5 Grand Final
4-8 Teams = BO:3 Quarter Finals, BO:3 Semi Finals, BO:5 Grand Finals

Prizes & Rewards
Winnings will be distributed via PayPal within 48 hours of the completion of the tournament, all amounts are in US dollars. The cash prize for first place will be split among the winning team members, please note there is only a prize for first position with the third place playoff being optional (one random prize of $10 will be awarded to a random participant).

Tournament Rules
Failure to comply with any tournament rules will result in instant disqualification from the tournament as well as the forfeit of any potential cash prizes, especially random prizes. Tournament officials have the ability to disqualify any player or team at will for actions they deem as problematic or unsportsmanlike.


Being Late: Our website will feature a countdown timer to assist people with time zone conversion, we highly recommend that you also convert the time yourself using an online time zone converter. Failure to be present in the designated lobby will result in your position being replaced by an alternative player, no exceptions. Being online while not being present in the delegated lobby is classed as lateness and you will be replaced.

Exploits, Disconnections & Desyncs: All known exploits are banned and will result in instant disqualification from the tournament in its entirety, no exceptions. Referees will immediately review contested games to determine an appropriate result in the event of a disconnection if players cannot mutually agree on the outcome (win/loss/replay, etc).

- Players cannot use the money crates or they will be disqualified along with their entire team, please note that upon using the money crates this is displayed to all players within the game.

Tournament Organisation:
The Kane’s Wrath Online Renegade Wars Tournament organisation will be handled by Kane’s Wrath Online staff members. Please note that while we have sufficient staff to run the tournament, we are still looking for an additional referee to assist with organisation. If you wish to assist us then please contact us via personal message.
Officials: Green_ZERO, Cabal, cgf123, Predator
Referees: Cabal
Streamers: Links available on the day! Please note due to game format only players will be able to stream, no observers.

Registration & Sign Up: Registrations are open right now for all players who wish to participate, there is no entry fee as this tournament will be completely free to play. Please do not sign up unless you are 100% sure that you will be able to participate in the tournament, we have allowed two weeks for players to clear their schedules and to practice the game mode. Registrations will be accepted via the appropriate forum thread linked below, players without a team can still register and will be assigned a team if required.

*****SIGN UP HERE*****

-----Kane's Wrath Online Renegade Wars Tournament March 2016-----

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