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Renegade Wars Tournament Brackets!
Green_ZERO 5th Mar 2016
Attention commanders! The Kane's Wrath Online Renegade Wars Tournament for March 2016 will commence shortly with much anticipation as this will be the first official event featuring the new game mode. Currently, the player interest registered should be sufficient for four complete teams which will battle it out in the Renegade Wars arena this Sunday! Which team will have what it takes to produce the ultimate victory in this mirco intensive battle of skill and attrition, only time will tell. Welcome everyone to the Renegade Wars tournament, we hope to see you all on the battlefield!

Tournament Details
The Kane's Wrath Online Renegade Wars Tournament will be played over the period of several hours on the date and details advised below, please ensure that you allow enough time to complete the tournament should you choose to participate within this event.

Tournament = KWO Renegade Wars Tournament March 2016
Date & Time = 6th March 2014 12:00GMT
Category = 3v3 Team Single Elimination (BO Format Dependant)
Location = Revora Server (Russian lobby)
Players = 24* (8 Teams Maximum)
Prize Pool = $100 (First = $90 ($30 per team member), Random 1x $10)
Ranking + Registration = First come, first served

* Players can sign up individually (you will be assigned a team) or in teams of three (3).

Click here to download the Renegade Wars installer
Click here to view brackets (LIVE NOW)

The tournament format will be dependent on the amount of interest and participants within the event, officially the tournament will accept up to a maximum of eight (8) teams. The following formats will be utilised on the match day depending on which is most preferable, brackets will be available via a further update article on the tournament date :

2 Teams = BO:7 Grand Finals Series
3-4 Teams = BO:3 Semi Finals, BO:5 Grand Final (updated: most likely format)
4-8 Teams = BO:3 Quarter Finals, BO:3 Semi Finals, BO:5 Grand Finals

Please report all of your results within the lobby to KWO.Referree who will provide regular updates to the brackets, players must appropriately locate their opponents and proceed with the tournament.

Click here to view full tournament details and specifications

*****SIGN UP HERE*****

-----Kane's Wrath Online Renegade Wars Tournament March 2016-----

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