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Renegade Wars Tournament Results
Green_ZERO 6th Mar 2016
Welcome back everyone to the Kane's Wrath Online Renegade Wars Tournament results featuring all of the action from the first official Renegade Wars Tournament which was held on the 6th March 2016. This minor tournament event successfully attracted enough players to fill four teams of three making for an exciting double round event with a majority of our teams being randomly generated for extra anticipation! Tournament officials would like to thank all of those players who participated within the event and for making it such a success, additionally the victors have now been crowed and are eligible to claim their cash prizes! 

Video Recap:
Community Command & Conquer commentator Green_ZERO has provided a video review which covers the extent of the tournament including results and reviews of all of the action. Tournament officials have gathered all of the replays available for our featured replay pack for those who wish to relive the action from the greatest games played within the tournament. Officials have collected as many replays as possible which can be downloaded from the links below, please ensure that you have Version 1.1 of Renegade Wars to properly view these replays.

Click here to view completed brackets

Tournament Results:
Semi Finals: The First official Renegade Wars Tournament commenced in hot anticipation and officials successfully fielded four teams of three to position the tournament nicely with a semi and grand finals series. Initially, semi final A commenced with, eXs.iLLusion and Granola17 facing off against Maji Satakli, RandomnessFt and Torch until game two where was replaced by Cabal due to inactivity. The divided team proved hard to muster its strength as Maji Satakli's team completed a nice 2-0 victor to secure their grand final position. Meanwhile, a major upset was brewing as $upernova, who is considered the current best Renegade Wars player, stumbled to a 0-2 defeat as he fell with his allies trouble055 and Inspire_Phx against the might of cgf123, ichor and pouya.

Grand Final: The Renegade Wars grand final series was set to be a lengthy engagement as both teams fought out a best of five series under extreme pressure with almost $100 USD on the line. However, community modder and creator of Renegade Wars cgf123 proved to be the decided factor  and with the help of his allies ichor and pouya, produced a 3-0 clean sweep to knock Maji Satakli, RandomessFt and Torch into the runner up position. Congratulations to the winning team of cgf123, ichor and pouya for claiming the first official Renegade Wars Tournament victory, well done!

(click to enlarge)

Prize Money: Congratulations to all the players who participated within the event and well done to the winning team who can now claim the $90 USD cash prize which is to be split three ways. Payments can be claimed via PayPal and you will revive an email shortly with instructions on how to claim your prize. Additionally, well done to trouble055 for winning the random prize of $10 as selected by our random name generator.

-----View the full tournament specifications here----
Tournament Appreciation:
Tournament officials would like to thank Cabal for providing his services and assistance in organising and initiating the tournament event, this would not have been possible without your help, thank you.

-----Kane's Wrath Online Renegade Wars Tournament March 2016-----

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