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Patch 1.02+ Release 12 Official Launch
Green_ZERO 16th Oct 2016
The incredible history created by Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath has produced a phenomenal effect on the community which helped to construct and expand the game well beyond its intended limits, this amazing achievement still continues to this very day. Welcome back commanders to another proud moment in the history of Command & Conquer as the community today celebrates the official launch of the community Patch 1.02+ Release Version 12. Today's launch marks the end of the previous Release 11 which up until now has been the most successful iteration of the Patch 1.02+ in history, primarily due to its extended period of time that it has remained as the lead version. Please read the following article carefully in order to gain an understanding of the new changes implemented within the Patch 1.02+ R12, including detailed explanations of the need for such changes.

Special thanks must be extended to the official Patch 1.02+ developer cgf123 for his ongoing support of the Command & Conquer community, cgf123 donates his time and effort for free in order to make the community a better place, thank you. The following changes have been broken down into a faction by faction layout, please feel free to discuss the patch development and changes within the forums with links available below:

Official Community Patch 1.02+ Launch - 16th October 2016
Patch 1.02+ Release 12 Download Here!

Official Changes:

- Het Platteland (Author - Zypherbullet)


Sniper Team deals 2x damage to Black Hand Disciples (making them one shot them)

Explanation: GDI are often forced into fast AP Ammunition situations which can limit their options for aggression and builds. Additionally, early game Black Hand infantry spam can be almost impossible to counter unless scouted well in advance as AP Ammunition is required ahead of time and in force, having more potent Sniper teams can alleviate this issue therefore allowing GDI more survivability in this situation.


- EMP Grenades upgrade available at Command Center (requires Tech Center), cost/upgrade time $1000/45 seconds

Explanation: The general lack of any real reliable EMP weaponry makes Steel Talons incredibly vulnerable against enemy epic units as aside from the EMP Shockwave Artillery they have no options to shutdown an enemy epic unit. Essentially, this upgrade is designed to assist with the Scrin Hexapod shutdown due to the teleportation issue presented in this match up. The tier three prerequisite is necessary to prevent overpowered Titan rushing which is already quite potent without including additional EMP options.


- Reckoner speed reduced 120 to 105, GUN armour vulnerability reduced 55% to 40%
- Tiberium Vein damage per second reduced 100 to 60, cost reduced $4000 to $3500
- Catalyst Missile leaves GDI/Nod harvesters heavily damaged (cannot one shot kill from full health)

Explanation: Reckoner rushing was seen as a must for its sheer overpowering force regardless of whether this was successful or not in causing damage. Gun armour increase is in response to improving the Reckoner's survivability in the field from gun type weaponary scouting units. Tiberium Vein damage nerfed to prevent this ability from instantly destroying large armies or wiping out enemy economic units and structures in one move, price decrease to proper represent this ability as a support power. Catalyst Missile can no longer one shot kill an enemy GDI/NOD harvester at full health, aligning this ability as a support power and not a one hit economic kill weapon.


- Confessor pre-upgrade gun range reduced 325 to 300 (matches Charged Particle upgrade range)
- Drafted Confessor squads have 4 members (previously 6)
- Fixed Confessors not detecting stealth, fixed Confessor XP

Explanation: Confessors inadvertently had additional range without the charged Particle Upgrade and has hence been realigned to improve enemy scouting opportunities which is already incredibly difficult for enemy factions. Confessor drafting has been nerfed in response to overwhelming community demand and to once again improve enemy scouting opportunities. Confessors inadvertently had the inability to detect stealth units by passing through them (something which all other infantry types have), this has been corrected along with a known XP bug where the Confessors would give away too much XP to enemy units when killed.


- Seeker GRENADE armour vulnerability reduced 50% to 40%
- Gunwalker/Shardwalkers deal 3x bonus vs Cultists

Explanation: Seeker tanks grenade armour increased to allow them to better counter enemy flame rushes (which Scrin are exceptionally vulnerable to), in particular against Flame Tanks (which deal grenade type damage) where Scrin factions virtually have no other choice apart from Seeker tanks. Gunwalker/Shardwalkers now deal bonus damage to enemy Cultists as Scrin/Reaper-17 have no other low tier counter or fast attack anti infantry aircraft to deal with Cultists effectively, previously this usually resulted in Traveler-59 having an unnatural advantage over the other Scrin factions.


Disintegrator GUN armor vulnerability increased 75% to 85%
Prodigy health reduced 20%

Explanation: Disintegrator openings were seen as a must for most Traveler-59 players due to their extreme power and early map control ability. Increased vulnerability from gun type weaponry makes Disintegrators slightly easier to destroy by most early game units without negating the overall power of the Disintegrator opening or in general during the later parts of the game.

The requirement for the Patch 1.02+ Version 12 was primarily fueled by the ongoing community concern over the power of both Black Hand & Traveler-59 within the competitive and mid range scene. The balance changes included are uncharacteristic of the Patch 1.02+ which has in general been primarily focused on improving the quality of the game through path finding, bug fixing and exploit correcting. Many members may be aware that several past iterations have also included subtle balance changes which were seen as a requirement for competitive play, all changes up to this point have been wildly accepted by the community. The above changes are once again subtle and through extensive testing have proven to make the game more enjoyable as well as more balanced as a whole. Once again the community would like to extend thanks to patch developer cgf123 as well as the professional community who helped make this possible.

Discuss the Patch 1.02+ Release 12 Here!

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