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KWO Open Challenge November 2016 Results
Green_ZERO 27th Nov 2016
Welcome back everyone to the complete battle report for the Kane's Wrath Online Open Challenge November 2016 Tournament featuring all of the action from the event including reviews, videos, results and more! The tournament took place on Sunday the 27th November 2016 at 12:00GMT which boasted a $200 AUD cash prize for those players who finished within a top three position. Additionally, this tournament event was the first to feature the new official 1.02+ release 12 patch which produced some much needed changes to the game, overall the introduction of the new patch has been an astounding success as the majority of the community have now successfully completed the switch. The results have now been collected and tournament officials are proud to present the battle report for the Open Challenge Tournament for November 2016!

Video Recap:
Community Command & Conquer Commentator Green_ZERO has provided a feature length video which includes the grand final casted live along with the full results at the conclusion of the video. Tournament officials have gathered the replays from the grand final as well as the third place playoff for those who wish to relive the action from the greatest games played within the tournament., all of which are available in our replay pack from the link below:

Tournament Results:
Semi Finals: The semi finals series commenced in high anticipation as the extended best of five series brought forward into play the endurance of our competitors, only those who could withstand the pressure would progress to the concluding grand final series. Semi final A featured derand4111 facing off against Criptun with both players having little experience within the final stages of a tournament it was anyone's game, however derand4111 simply proved far too strong pushing out Cirptun 3-0 to secure the first position within the grand final. Semi Final B showcased a much tougher showdown as Futurama clashed with the ever dangerous WarStorm666 and despite WarStorm666 securing the first game, he was unable to continue the momentum as Futurama edged the series back taking the next three games in a row to emerge victorious 3-1.

Grand Final Review: 
The Kane's Wrath Online Open Challenge Tournament November 2016 featured derand4111 squaring off against Futrama within a best of five series with $170 AUD worth of prize money available, the winner would be walking away with a cool $120 AUD. The first preselected map within the series was none other than Twilight City, a favourite starting map for KWO tournaments and is well known for being the initial starting map of the grand final for the prestigious Kane's Wrath World Championship of 2014. The aggression featured within game one was sign of the things to come as Futurama drew Black Hand in the random mirror and opened with an early flame rush although derand4111, who dealt GDI, was able to sniff it out and easily disposed of the dual Flame Tank open. However, Futurama surprised derand4111 with a secret third flame tank which penetrated his defences and leveled a Refinery, swiftly bringing the game back onto even footing. Following this harassment, derand4111 manages a dual war factory Pitbull spam to secure map control yet Futurama turns the game around with fast infantry upgrades and pushes hard into derand4111's expansion. Caught off guard, derand4111 watches his economic lead vanish and with no AP ammo is unable to arrange a proper defence in time, leaving Futurama to claim game number one. 

Our defences have been breached!!!

The second game in the series was destined for Tournament Decision as derand4111 selected his preferred map of choice, although he also selected GDI as his faction while this prompted Futurama to select Black Hand. Futurama quickly secured a defensive tower in order to allow him to safely fast tech while producing multiple MCV's for his planned base push. Meanwhile derand4111 sacrificed technology in favour of a fast expansion with a small army of APC's for protection, unfortunately they found themselves a little too close to the Tiberium field when Futurama set off a critical Tiberium Vein Detonation completely annihilating derand411's army. The game was briefly in peril as Futurama commenced his base push yet failed to detect the Hammerhead spam derand4111 had also produced among the chaos, these powerful air forces contained Futurama and ended his base push by leveling the front line MCV. Despite some great engagements by derand4111, his economy had suffered losses too heavy to replace as Futurama's Attack Bike harassment ended any chance of a revival, Futurama just scraping home to secure game two.

Tiberium exposure detected!!!

Game three once again favoured derand4111 as he selected a preferred battleground in which he hope to produce his comeback while maintaining a faction choice of GDI, while on the opposite side of the map Futurama had also decided to alter his faction to that of GDI for a mirror showdown. An Orca rush was on the cards for derand4111 as he quickly pushed into Futurama's base yet failed to bring enough forces to inflict the damage required with Futurama able to deflect the attacks with ease. Despite the setback, derand4111 manages to somehow secure brief map control with Pitbull forces before Futurama's own Orca forces managed to find the holes in derand411 defences required in order to inflict economic loss. Slowly hemorrhaging harvesters, derand4111 was losing steam and Futurama could smell the blood in the water, quickly pushing forward his MCV backed up by triple war factory production. Valiantly derand4111 tried to make his stand but Futurama simply had too many forces to appropriately counter, leading Futurama to a 3-0 victory and first place within the tournament!

(click to enlarge)

Prizes & Rewards:
Congratulations are to be awarded to Futurama for emerging victorious in the Kane's Wrath Online Open Challenge November 2016, well done and well earned, $120 AUD is now available to be claimed! Additionally, well done to derand4111 for securing second positions within the tournament event, still an amazing performance to make it this far within a cash prize event, $50 AUD for your efforts! Finally, a great effort for WarStorm666 for acquiring third place within the tournament, well done $30 AUD is heading your way! 
Winnings will be distributed via PayPal and can be claimed immediately as of this article, all those participants who have either earned or been awarded a cash prize please check your emails for further instructions on how to claim your prize. Well done and congratulations to those who have been rewarded with a cash prize, we hope to see you back in future tournaments.
Tournament Appreciation:
Tournament official and organisers would like to extend their sincerest gratitude towards the players who attended the event and made it a fun and enjoyable tournament, further congratulations must be extended to the prize winners for their efforts, thank you.

-----KWO Open Challenge November 2016-----

Thanks for playing commanders!

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